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I’d like to see @CMC_22 get a ring, even if it isn’t with the Panthers. #SF49ers
Starting TODAY, veterans experiencing an acute suicidal crisis can receive no-cost emergency mental health care at VA or non-VA healthcare facilities. This benefit is the result of RM @RepMarkTakano's COMPACT Act, which was signed into law in of 2020.…
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I mean, this is a brutal takedown. #NationalChampionship
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Per the physicians at UCMC, Damar’s breathing tube was removed overnight. He continues to progress remarkably in his recovery. His neurologic function remains intact and he has been able to talk to his family and care team.
Look, @ABCNetwork, if you wanted to make sure I watched @WillTrentABC then you should’ve told me @MPG was in it.
Place the heel of one hand on the patient’s chest in between their nipples. Place your other hand on top of the first, interlocking your fingers. Press hard and fast 2 inches into the chest. 100-120 compressions/min. Sing stayin alive in your head if it helps keep your pace.
PLEASE learn CPR, it’s free. It saves lives. #DamarHamlin #prayersforDamarHamlin
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Check for any changes to pulse or breathing after 30 compressions. If no changes, start again. You do NOT have to give mouth to mouth if you are untrained or unprotected. The purpose is to keep blood moving and carry the remaining oxygen to vital organs. #handsonlyCPR WORKS!
.@Realrclark25 met this horrific moment with the urgency, professionalism and focus on what is important that was so necessary. He did an excellent job tonight.
I know we won’t hear anything more tonight and, yet, I can’t seem to turn off @SportsCenter. I just want good news for Damar Hamlin.
The envelope from #thewatcher case in @NJGov car should be sent to a forensic genealogist. Get @ParabonSnapshot on that.
Noooooo! He seemed like a genuinely good, nice person and he was extraordinarily talented. #RIPTwitch
This is just so heartbreaking. Thinking of his wife and their three young children.
Every single one of them. And everyone here got what they deserved. Some medals, some contempt.
During Congressional Gold Medal ceremony for Jan. 6 police, representatives of those receiving awards shake hands with Schumer then walk past McConnell and McCarthy.
Just a tiny reminder that Buddy and Jovie’s baby is in college now. #buddytheelf #whatsyourfavoritecolor #christmasmovies #ELF
I’ll be sad to see Twitter go. We’ve come a long was from “This is what I ate for lunch” and Home Screen notifications when someone you follow tweets something. #RIPTwitter
There are a lot of anxious people of child bearing age in NC right now. Still rooting for @CheriBeasleyNC and @wileynickel to both win their races.
Just had a mini meltdown with my dad about awful people being awful. Please don’t be awful. #VoteBlueTommorrow #Vote
Yeah, I'm not paying for #TwitterBlue. No one cares what I say on this damn app anyway. It's a shame all the people I want to /listen/ to are either better served by leaving or will have to pay for anyone to see their tweets.
This is definitely going to end well.
BREAKING: Drone picture shows the overturned tractor trailer leaking explosives and diesel fuel on US-64 in Rocky Mount. Sources on the ground say the truck was carrying explosives to a rock quarry when it slid off the road. US-64 is expected to be blocked off for hours. @WRAL
Because they believe you can overthrow a government with just three percent of the population. The GOP is LYING to you about the polls. They do this to exhaust you and make you think you’re outnumbered. YOU ARE NOT. 5/
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