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I say it again... Our Police station like wise the POLICE HQ are market places where buying and selling of criminal cases take place. The saying " If you no get money no call police" is very true. If you go there you will confirm this. #ReformPoliceNG
Welcome to the #NextLevel where you pay N60k to bail your family when wrongfully arrested or indiscriminately raided. Oh lest I forget you will need to pay N2000 Gate Fee to access the Police Station amidst other taxes. This is the evil they want to reinforce. #ReformPoliceNG
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I don't know how long it will take for me to heal from the emotional injury I was inflicted. I was treated like non Nigerian My heart is bleeding. How do I explain to my children, that we're Nigerians, yet deprived of our voting rights, because we're Igbo? How pls?
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Festus keyamo @fkeyamo , MC Oluomo , fake Oba Elegushi @hrmsaelegushi , @realFFK Seyi Tinubu, @aonanuga1956 @AlakeDele @seunosewa @toyin_abraham1 all is these people MUST be banned from traveling to USA 馃嚭馃嚫
This is the Sacred truth馃憞
I'm not fully convinced that "God will punish" bad Nigerian leaders - after all, many of them are living to a ripe old age, with their stolen wealth. I'm more inclined to believe that it is left to us to deliver the "punishment".
Elon.. oya do giveaway
This platform is growing fast! Just exceeded 8 billion user-minutes per day 鈥 of the most influential, smartest people on Earth 馃槈
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Ndi Igbo, come back home and invest!
Only if they will hear.... Pull resources together and develop their region
I think as an Igbo person, you should kill the idea of investing in Lagos. They don鈥檛 deserve your tax.
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My sister daughter went missing since yesterday afternoon around 1:00 pm, last place seen is ibadiaran street Maryland Lagos Nigeria .... please we need help #Lagosradio #Lagos @NigeriapolicePR @Soundcity985FM @Tochi_Oke
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And what will yakubu do.... "Shit" thunder and lightning? This nightmare should just be over
INEC advises PDP to desist from making libellous allegations against Yakubu鈥
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Nurse Justina Obi Ejelonu. We remember today Nurse Justina Obi Ejelonu, who died on August 14, 2014 on the frontline caring for the man with the Ebola virus. Since her death, history has not been kind to her. No immortalization! Let's Retweet to celebrate a fallen patriot 馃檹
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I am an lgbo man married to a Yoruba woman! Igbos do not hate Yorubas. Neither do Yorubas hate Igbos. Politicians are using tribe as an excuse to cover their evil They dont like you whether Igbo or Yoruba. They only care about their pockets. Be wiser.
Lol... People don mad finish @EfeVixen
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There was no light for 3 days straight and my meat got spoilt, that was why I sent my account number and the price of the meat.
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Replying to @MBuhari @NigeriaGov
@MBuhari ... @UNIONBANK_NG has refused to refund my funds that was erroneously debited 5 weeks ago during the heat of the reckless naira policy. I have exhausted all channels of complaints available including those of @cenbank . Kindly persuade them to answer there DMs
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Gov Sanwo-Olu asked the army to intervene at the lekki toll gate on the night of October 20, 2020, according to Brigadier Armed Taiwo the commander of 81 military intelligence brigade @LagosSarsPanel that intervention led to the #Lekkimassacre. We will never forget. #EndSars
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Dear OBIdients, Ensure that INEC Presiding Officer cancels out EVERY vacant space after filling in the results. To avoid WIKE-dness! Arrest Funsho Williams Sokoto IREV INEC Samsung Galaxy A14 Peter Obi
He actes with "primordial stupidity"... We forgive him
Nollywood actor, Deyemi Okanlawon apologizes to the newly elected HOR member in Eti Osa, over open letter