i want to see more men talking about how they benefited from abortions, too. i am furious that it’s just my female friends who have to reveal their medical history to destigmatize something that is NORMAL AND NECESSARY.

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the boys i went to high school who didn’t become teen dads? i want to hear from you. the guys in college who didn’t have to start paying child support before graduation? where the fuck are you right now!
I hear you, they should step up and make more noise! But almost 90% of the country doesn't want this (those are real poll numbers)... We never agree on ANYTHING at that rate, the bigger frustration is that this is truly not a democracy if that could happen. Slow. Moving. Coup.
Partner and I had an oh-no moment a couple of years into our relationship, when we weren't ready to raise a baby. We had an abortion at PP in SF, in a warm, supportive environment. 30+ years and 2 adult kids later, it's worked out for the best, for her, me and our lives together.
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thank u, tyler🙏
A girl I dated briefly in college had an abortion. I only found out a year later. Thank god for it. I bought another girl morning-after pill once. Often avoided condoms w/ girls on the pill. Most people in North East all agree though, not like I have national followers.
The truth is that abortion benefits men more than it does women.
Imagine using the words “benefited from” to describe snuffing a life out.
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ya but most of them won’t even remember to think about it. The casual dismissiveness of the female experience is second nature.
It’s not always their story to tell.