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You sure as hell didn't go to school in the 80s, you grifting git.
Did you go to school in the 80s? How many of you went to school with kids who were allergic to peanut butter? How many of you went to school with kids who were allergic to gluten? How many of you went to school with kids who were autistic? How many of you went to school with kids who were transgender? Isn’t that interesting …
Not only a home tie in the FA Cup, but Leeds won it as well #FM24
Sure there’s a term for this that would make it easy to identify and condemn if anyone had any fucking humanity left
Netanyahu is shopping around a proposal to US Congressional leaders to “thin out” Gaza’s population and expel the surviving residents into neighboring countries.
With the crackdown on legal immigration, as well as the other shit, tell me the UK isn't at some level institutionally racist.
"fun" fact: according to the last set of annual accounts published, the health surcharge generated 1.7 billion last year but only £750 million(!) went to health services. but hey at least someone in the home office now has gold plated toilet seats or something
Like all internationals, I pay a lot for NHS, more than UK citizens. Why hasn't anyone questioned where this money has gone? Because it didn't go to pay NHS workers.
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The Premier League table of fortresses as they stand after the weekend fixtures
In one fell swoop Cleverly has declared that you aren't allowed to fall in love with and marry a migrant, and that migrants shouldn't be allowed families, all if they don't earn at least more than double the national minimum wage. That alone should terrify everyone.
Proud tradition of Brits sticking things up their bum
So they follow the rules come here legally and it's still wrong, tell me this country isn't a racist bell hole.
BREAKING: Government to announce crackdown on legal migration, Sky News understands 🔗 Read more…
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Why? What is the issue here? Open plan unisex bathrooms are easier to monitor while still providing privacy for everyone. This is pointless, manufactured outrage.
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Wtf that made me smile for the first time today
People like Tice are educated folk. To constantly degrade themselves into denial of climate change must be so embarrassing for them really.
Sister says brother is a good person really.
The COVID inquiry is about "scapegoating" those at the top of government, Boris Jonnson's sister has told the Politics at Jack and Sam's podcast. Read more 👇…
Wordle 898 4/6 ⬛⬛⬛⬛🟨 ⬛🟩🟩⬛🟨 🟨🟩🟩⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
This Gravity/Mavity joke in Doctor Who is about 90% of the English language... i.e. oh that spoken word sounds like this word.
With the excellent @Hbomberguy video on plagiarism and you(tube). Can I ask that we put to rest the lazy, lazy "who made this" style tweets for clips on this place. Credit where you get from if nothing else.
Only wise if you're an idiot, who doesn't know who has been in power the last 13 years, you fucking gaslighting idiot.
Football Manager is totally unrealistic - I mean giving Leeds a home draw in the FA Cup #FM24