Anxious people imagine getting more information and finding the right technique will solve their anxiety. They are mistaken.

Jan 21, 2023 · 8:18 PM UTC

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So what’s the solution doc?
Most anxiety comes from trying to control things that are outside of your control. Giving your focus to controlling the controllables while leaving the rest to the sovereign goodness of God is the key.
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I’ve just come to accept it’s a part of life and fight it.
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Because they will not give up the throne. I don’t see any way around it: 99% of the time I believe it’s a faith issue. Jesus said be anxious for nothing, and I share this message with all empathy. If you don’t have Christ I completely understand why people have anxiety.
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Fix anxiety: get right with God. Fix your diet. Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes cardio at least every other day. Guys must throw in strength training. Fix your finances.
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There's a book out there about' a fella in NY who started lifting weights to feel safe, (even started competing) but no matter how big he got he never got past the insecurity.