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There are No winners with Bad theology.
Yes they really do totally believe,only they will enter those pearly gates. Pretty hostile bunch on a good day.
Tonite on channel 4 Everybody else burns If you thought that this is comedy You ve never visited the East Riding Where Zionist Church which houses the HATE preacher of Toll Gavel. It actuly exists, so removed from Jesus impossible to believe. Everybody else Burns 22-00 Ch 4
Saturday's the new Wednesday. Back home, Motown moment. Gladys Knight is singing on old 45 as the needle hits the track! "..hard for us to think ..were not gonna make it... gotten to the ace where we can't fake it..."
We no longer argue,debate,agree,ponder,reflect. We teach people to `google the answer.`
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You don’t have or know of teenage boys then. I personally know two boys in awe of him
State of independence has advantages.
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Yet another interview by Harry - and possibly his most controversial. Says he had to cut his memoir in half and has enough for another book; left out far more damning material about his father/brother; states he wants to save his family ‘from themselves'.…
I am now to Old to have.. 'Gone too soon'..played at my Funeral.
I am to Old to have..'Gone too soon'..played at my Funeral.
Did anyone else WOKE up feeling little Ginger today...
Ugly side of brokenness our society, Has arisen. 2men attacked young niece. Police stated one of her attackers been looked after system, 'So we have to be careful around how we approach him.' Uncomfortable 4Parents. Creul to victim. Please Pray for protection my niece.Please
Leadership one interesting words. Often send by those who do not empower nor use particepatory methods. "Empowerment of others reckon is first core principal of leadership. Gee what would l know, left too many positions to others." SPIRITOFTHESTREETS 58
We feel troubles, the gathering although silent Are confused don’t know what to. Rejected God, are faithless, no leaders have emerged. 2022 coming to quick end. Unsure about gathering. But only a return to faith, trust way of love Can bring the 2023 required.
Bored with Charity guilt trips TV adverts try to take us on..from cleftty Indian know DD, to homeless issues, Ukraine, snow leopard,knackered Donkey. Some these adverts are decades old.
It's not the most wonderful time of the year.
Got the need for some Bobby Womack. In the morning kinda soul
Winnie the pooh,says in the Apocrypha ,OR somewhere. "Until hearts are created that can`t be broken they will never be any use."
A need of mine is have access to Music, films,books, image's. My life blood. Something is inferred A truth, issues around justice, find peace in all that noise,in that loudness, what l reflect in this process,becomes part of my Spiritual growth.
Very little, written about,spoke at Christian conference, Evangelical gatherings,Catholic synods, nor commented upon `Unanswered prayers.` Constant question l get queries about. Alas what did Jesus mean when he stated what so ever you ask ....etc...?