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Girls that attend Christ Embassy develop a special accent when they start praying in public.
Try it first and see the invention he comes up with.
Buy LOTS of rubber bands and i mean A LOT then throw them all over his house and yard. You can’t sweep them because they jump so you must pick them up 1 by 1 🙂
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I missed a Nokia. Can't recall its name.
I went From BlackBerry curve2 to Tecno L9 to Infinix hot4 to Samsung Galaxy s7 to IPhone 6 to iPhone 7+ to iPhone 11 to iPhone 11 Pro Max to iPhone 13 Pro. You?
It's a family affair apparently.
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Good day, @gtbank I wish to unsubscribe from your SMS alert services. I have tried doing it online via gtbank.com but I keep getting an error message after inputting the OTP. Any other way?
Redmi Note 8 Pro available for sale! Faultless, and comes with the original 18w charging brick. OS: Android 11, MIUI 12.5 Storage: 6/64GB Colour: Green Condition: neatly used Location: Gwarinpa, Abuja Price: N85000 (slightly negotiable) No: 09034155513
So, when some girls said, "men are like dogs," they meant it literally?
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@InsideOsogbo please help post missing person
Unpopular opinion: Soft drinks make life hard.
I'm currently at NISMA 2-day workshop program, and @jayythedope and a few others were used as examples of people driving positive changes via social media. My guy, you are doing very well. Keep going.
Growing old is not a straight subscription to diabetes; your lifestyle now decides your health now, and later.
Suddenly, everyone's intelligence has skyrocketed for being in the know of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Albert Einstein, please, what do you know about the Boko Haram in your country, or the Ethiopian war in your continent?
Did these guys see it coming when they said corps members should undergo military training?
Tell me you are a dirty girl without telling me you are a dirty girl.
Lol but let's switch it up. How many men go to their girls house and start washing the plates, sweeping floors, and washing curtains? Of a grown adult? Girl stand up, STAND UP!!!!
One thing that space has revealed to the world is that Nigerians are very hardworking everywhere. It's undeniable
Na remote jobs go pain them pass lmao, imagine someone stealing your job with MTN network in Ikorodu 😭😭
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Smoking weed doesn't make you any