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I think he is interested. Hence he gave us PETER OBI. But God will not give you food and come down to feed you physically 🤣. Citizens arise and STOP WICKEDNESS. #SaiObi 🙏
If dem like make dem cook their íjèkujé chop alone, @PeterObi is coming! #SaiObi!!!✊😇
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the date fixed for the party primaries, Congress, or convention. The law does not say that anyone who joins the party after the register had been submitted cannot be a candidate. This is simple and a waste of time. I'm more interested in substantial matters.
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My wawuulence Presido 😂😂... He who laugh last will laugh longer!! #SaiObi
By decisively knocking out his opponent and regaining his UFC Middleweight Title last night, Israel Adesanya @stylebender proved that persistence is the path to reclamation. Congratulations valiant Champion!... - PO
Nigerians are not and cannot be slaves to a few! #SaiObi
"Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer him with love." #MyPresident #SaiObi
Dear APC, I am a Yoruba boy, from Ekiti. No matter the propaganda you push on Peter Obi, he remain my mentor and i idolize him already because he is not a drug dealer and he doesn't sponsor thugs. He is clean and he made his money legally. ENKR #SaiObi Yes Daddy People's Gazette
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Osas drink two panadol for that eye pain and go to a darkened room and bolt the door. Done that? NOW REST. #saiobi
Sir @PeterObi your a living Legend Sir, I believe the people's mandate shall be retrieved. We are not giving up. They should be ready to kill us all, so they can rule their thugs and children 😠😠😠#SaiObi #FreeChude
It’s a calling to be a Nigerian! So don’t regret being born here, don’t despair, you are not disadvantaged!❤️🍿#SaiObi
If BAT was a true leader and democrat, he would have cautioned people in his camp promoting tribalism. But because he is a typical politician anything goes. It’s all about power grabbing. #GRVforLagos #SaiObi
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Sai Obi 👏👏 #SaiObi 🇳🇬
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Very true. It does take a lot of restraint to swerve the baggaz though #saiobi
Morning OBIdients. Today, we pray heaven hears our cry n remember our sacrifices. Today, we ask that d ring of injustice b destroyed while d stolen mandate of d ppl of 🇳🇬 b restored. Amin 🙏🤲 #SaiObi #TheGlory2 #DateRushReunion #Oscar
Die for everything. They fought the red coat on the battle field and guerrilla warfare. The queen realized she was loosing men over men that have stood their FEET. She called it off. They have the resources no doubt but what they don't have are the "PEOPLE". #LP #saiobi
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Sir, i don't know how u can help Nigerians in this matter, but if u can please tell ur colleagues to do the right thing so we can all join our hands in building a new Nigeria where law and justice are respected and followed. #OCCUPYINEC #SaiObi
"American Cancer Society recommends cervical cancer screening with an HPV test alone every 5 years for everyone with a cervix from the age of 25 until 65". Send samples or visit @DEMYHEALTH for your HPV Test. #SaiObi #nairascarcity #healthylifestyle #NigeriaElections2023
You just realised. These people are so pernicious. But they have to be. It’s a fight for their corrupt lives. #saiobi