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Every time I see @Tyrese go live.. Can someone please show this guy some #RedPill content, please??
Every touchy-feely therapist will tell you to open up and express yourself, but all that leads to is the negotiation of desire and the disingenuous obligations based on those terms. By Rollo Tomassi #RedPill #pua
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She is a dirt bag and she doesn't deserve such good treatment! But, the S.I.M.Ps will continue to feed this monster's ego. #redpill
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#Redpill #truth - You are useful till the time you provides for her.
UPDATE : Funeral of Baiju Raju, Sr Analyst from Kerala who died by suicide alleging Adultery by wife, false Domestic Violence case & financial exploitation by in-laws was held yesterday. His wife didn't let the daughter attend funeral until Men's Rights…
Resulta y resalta que se toparon al HotSpanish en Plaza Patria y le ofrecieron dinero a la morra por besarse con otro wey enfrente de su novio. Claramente ella acepto y pues se dio grasa en su “minuto en el paraíso” con el guerito mamado
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#PassportBros don’t care what y’all think. Y’all can’t shame - insult - guilt #HVM. Most passport bros make over $100K and have college degrees. Y’all gotta change fast. Women all over the world are advertising for what y’all driving away. TAKE the #redpill ladies.…
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Na comunidade #redpill você tem que tomar muito cuidado com quem você segue. Nem todo mundo é o mais inteligente, nem sempre vão dar as opiniões mais embasadas. Até aí tudo bem. Mas tem uns que são claramente disfuncionais, bem ablublublê da cabeça.
"Not too far from being a true possibility. One world government. Very entertaining and is for all those who enjoy sci fiction. 5 stars." #dystopian #BooksWorthReading #Thriller #Dystopian #conspiracy #wakeup #redpill
The problem with MSM is that youre in a echo chamber. groupthink is rampant. and most dont even seem to even be aware of the level of brainwashing and cant really shake it off even if you are. its like a scene from 1984. #redpill
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إستيقضوا يارجال ! أنتم قادة الأمه هذا لا يليق بكم ولا بمقامكم، لستم هنا كي ترضوا النساء ، لقد خلقكم الله لتعمروا الأرض وتكثروا النسل، إنهضوا واصنعوا أمجادكم. #وعي_الرجال #redpill
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