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So Al J learned the concept of pitchers should throw more from Lantz Wheeler. Lol. In case anyone is wondering why I call it #BBTrumpland 🇺🇸 #Republicans #culureofdeath #noshame @Max_Scherzer
“We’re so pitch count conscious that we might be hurting guys b/c we’re trying prevent injuries” ⁦-- ⁦@Max_Scherzer⁩ ⁦@PitchingNinja⁩ ⁦@FlatgroundApp
So Al J learned the concept of pitchers should throw more from Lantz Wheeler. Lol. In case anyone is wondering why I call it #BBTrumpland 🇺🇸 #Republicans #culureofdeath #noshame @Max_Scherzer
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Let’s relish in that! #noshame
We may or may not have made a road trip, centered around a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Not sure how we ended up in the only city in Georgia without one. #NoShame…
Nahh...we enter soakaway...#NoShame
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I've held many jobs myself, including garbage man, stocker, package handler, cashier, shoe salesman, etc. No shame in honest work. #NoShame
FULL INTERVIEW: @GMA EXCLUSIVE -- "There's no job better than another...every job is worthwhile..." Actor Geoffrey Owens speaks out, responding to job shaming and backlash after a photo of him working at a grocery store was posted online:
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@ninaturner voted for Jill Stein in 2016 when Hillary Clinton warned Roe v Wade was on the ballot. But far from taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions, the Bernie-spawned populist left continues to attack the Dem Party. #NoShame
Rewatching my childhood telenovelas like #CómplicesAlRescate, #VivanLosNiños and #AmigosXSiempre has become my way to recharge my emotional battery ♥️📺 #NoShame 😌
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Who else is having a lazy Sunday? 😴 #noshame
During the days of Trump we had the daily drip of reports of him and his cohorts shocking behaviour - now it is Johnson and #ToryHQ I guess if there are any decent @Conservatives they would want this to end. #NoShame
i let this girl show me 5 times #noshame
Had to stop letting people show me twice what they already showed me once
At night I’m a super fun streamer who loves Mario and everything gaming. During the day you can find me in my SUV, jamming to Kidz Bop while waiting in the drive through at McDonalds. #noshame #momgoals
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Grateful you didn’t notice the bag I was holding.I literally walked 10k steps to buy a muffin 🤣 #Noshame
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This is the senior cabinet minister shoved out to do the media rounds this morning to talk about the culture in Westminster… #noshame
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"Sloppier with each bottle of wine"....🤣🤣🤣 pah-lease!.... I'll see your "every bottle of wine "sloppy"" and raise you a bottle of wine broken foot! #NoShame #FEMALEShavingFun #JealousTRAsAndMRAs #LadiesWhoLunch #HighTimesAndHangovers
Telling it like it is. @MYANC @GwedeMantashe1 @PresidencyZA @CyrilRamaphosa #NoConscience #NoMorals #NoShame But then that is what we are saddled with as a result of BEE and cadrè deployment policy.
Eskom CEO André de Ruyter is finding out the hard way that when you run a state-owned company in SA your ultimate employer is the ANC, destroyer of worlds, butcher of hope, writes @Bruceps.…