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@RealBrysonGray for the work out today!! HYPE MUSIC!! #NOSAFESPACES
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6’4”but ranked in the 400s of Male swimmers, this mediocre athlete had only 2SelfID 2become #1 in the Female League. Added indignity-watched females undress &exposed his male genitalia 2em in the locker room. #Cheat2Compete #WARonWOMEN #NoSafeSpaces SEE VIDEO-Emotional speech
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"The Last Herald-Mage" trilogy, by Mercedes Lackey. IYKYK. The world is dangerous, and people are worse. #magicclosets #nosafespaces
And just like that… YT supremacy has entered the chat. Maybe it “rarely gets mentioned” because it does nothing to advance the discourse. It’s just a red herring. Sit, listen and try to learn. #nosafespaces
Currently watching #nosafespaces loving this movie
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Yes we will only be happy when penises are wagging in little girls' faces in swimming pool changing rooms around the country! Fight the good fight sister! #nosafespaces
Nicola why did you not have a Scottish referendum to decide on this issue? #nosafespaces
This thread by Lord Falconer - a Lord Chancellor under Labour - is well worth a read. His conclusion - on the basis of the Statement of Reasons published by UKG today, the use of section 35 is NOT justified
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If people don’t realize this is only going to be solved in one place and it is not the ballot box or jury box, they haven’t studied history enough. #NoSafeSpaces #ThanosWasRight
My rights don’t end where your feelings begin. #LionsNotSheep #nosafespaces #marshmello
Intellectual comfort is neither a right nor a virtue. #nosafespaces
Why not ask? “Loyal and true” means accountability when the wheels are coming off just as much as it does when they’re not. EVERYTHING needs to be re-evaluated if this is what $7M/yr buys!!! #HeIsAMan #NoSafeSpaces #CowboyUp
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Who would’ve imagined the #NoSafeSpaces crowd would spend the holidays alone. 🙄
That schoolhouse rock parody is brilliant. #NoSafeSpaces
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This person should be arrested.. stalking & harassing someones family is not free speech .. Free speech is demonstrating peacefully & sharing your opinions .. & you don't have to like it, or laugh at it, or agree with it #NoSafeSpaces and don't get to label it as you see fit 1A