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I no you senior Me, I get Money pass your papa! No allow IMSU sun stop you from recognizing Badboychizzy when you see him! #Izzgone
He's never using that hand for anything again... #Izzgone #Otilo
You wake up in the middle of the night and you find this. What action will you take?
They have sophisticated algorithms and systems in place to minimize losses. But let's be honest, even the best algorithms can't protect you from that one time you accidentally spill coffee on your keyboard ☕️🔥 #TradingFail #IzzGone 😮‍💨
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Replying to @damilare
I know a lawyer that can help: Barrister Sope O T Law 😂🤣 #IzzGone
Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable. #izzgone
people on twitter re-writing the Constitution "and the FCT". #IzzGone
Me and babe don fight yesterday but I go try settle the issue tomorrow..make I go cruise alone today #izzgone😜
Next @iamKjuni release > #IZZGONE 😤 🥵 🚨
brt bus no get ac again. #izzgone
By the way Call me KingKhxlie Aka Thegreatkhxlie #izzgone but don’t have hypertension 🥂
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Sope otilo #izzgone
Replying to @metuchizzy
Please @metuchizzy give us another 10 odd overnight This one #izzgone
E be like say na celibacy be the goal this 2023 because I dey fear woman and i dey fear heartbreak 💔 . #izzgone #otilor