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Had a nice little life as a barkeep in an 1890 Victorian Hotel before all this. Loved my work. Now it is no work as my GP says I am too high risk to work w/the public. No income, no friends that can understand really, what #immunosuppression means for me & my fam. 😢
#Suppression of the body's immune system and its ability to fight infections and other diseases. #Immunosuppression may be deliberately induced with drugs, as in preparation for bone marrow or other organ transplantation, to prevent rejection of the donor tissue.
Immune system plays a central role in initial stroke damage. Still, it is not fully understood how immune deficiency influences stroke pathology progression. This is important as preclinical therapy e.g. using human cells require #immunosuppression to ensure graft survival. 2/11
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Sialidase activity is seen in many infectious and also autoimmune #diseases. Sialidases are involved in pathways like #immunosuppression and rapidly multiply within the host. Sialidase activity is seen in cancer and also in biofilm formation.