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4.5 billion GBP lost to Furlough Fraud but @KEdge23 wants you to worry about @JustStop_Oil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #GTTO #GeneralElectionNow
So the taxpayer has basically funded the Labour Party. Unacceptable.
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Bore off. The world doesn't need any more corrupt, callous, tory parasites. #ToryScum #GTTO
Do you not have an interest in a realistic proposal to rebuild trade and co-operation with Europe, inc rejoining single market? you needn’t be unrepresented. There are alternatives to Labour to #GTTO…
@Conservatives have received Russian money and put a Russian in the House of Lords... Considering other Russian nationals were kicked out of UK why hasn't this donors money been returned and the offer of House of Lords rescinded. #GTTO #ToryLies #ToryCorruption
Labour receive a lot of money from two groups 1. Trade unions that are grinding this country to a halt 2. Just stop oil millionaires that are grinding this country to a halt.
So why didn't you let the press in on your meeting with Private Health Companies? We need the NHS and don't want the Tories playing with lives once again. #GTTO
A free society requires free debate. @Docstockk's invitation to the @OxfordUnion should stand and students should be allowed to hear and debate her views. We mustn’t allow a small but vocal few to shut down discussion.
There's a connection between @Conservatives and fraud in the UK. Actually there are 4.5 Billion connections. However that missing money that could support public sector staff and ease the cost of living crisis doesn't matter. #GTTO Look below
There’s often a link between Extinction Rebellion, Just stop Oil and trans activists.. the one that glued herself to the floor at the Uni trans debate, her dad is Extinction Rebellion. These people are paid agitators,they are mentally unstable people,being used to push agendas.
Not just blinkered and tin-eared and ignorant of public feeling but also deeply insulting and petty of Starmer. What on earth has come over this bloke? He’s fallen on his teeth here. I’ll vote @LibDems to #GTTO and stop this weedy fool getting a majority in the process. 🇪🇺🌍✊🏼
We should ditch Grandma and Nana from society. The years since Brexit and Covid has seen them become obsolete. We need to be progressive and look towards youth. Another reason why we need to hold a new referendum on returning to Europe. #RejoinEU #Brexit #GTTO #FBPE #Covid
We're debating later in the show, is it time to ditch the term 'grandma'? What do you think?
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#GTTO Please go and crawl back under the log from whence you came.
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You need to vote tactically. The objective is #GTTO
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Morning Helen, There remains no doubt about it. The Tories fail our 🇬🇧 Country and *all* the People, no matter where one lives. #ToryInfestation #GTTO ❌️ #ToriesOut329 🇬🇧 #GeneralElectionNow
• Tories announce they are to open 75 Sure Start Centres. They closed 1,189 Sure Start Centres • Tories announce they’re opening 5,000 NHS Beds. They closed 22,000 NHS Beds • Tories announce they are opening 19 new NHS Diagnostic Centres. They closed 140 NHS Walk In Centres