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Many claim they like strong women.. until they actually stand up and show their strength. Show their potential. Then people realize their weakness, their love to idea of a strong woman. Idea. Fantasy. Not reality. A threat … #DealWithIt
Yep. Avec le chômage endémique, les employeurs ont perdu l'habitude de ne pas avoir le dernier mot. C'est désormais à eux de faire ce qu'ils imposaient encore aux candidats il n'y pas si longtemps : s'adapter. C'est la dure loi du marché et c'est très bien. #dealWithIt
Team POILIEVRE 👇🏼 They REALLY ARE Jesus freaks who spend their Sundays at church with their "People chosen by god to save the world" ..🤡 Mysogines Angry Beige d*ckheads It is what it is. . #DealWithIt
Right is winning! Eg Jane Roe told the whole world on her deathbed that she lied. She had to clear her conscience before going to GOD. Everyone knows! That's precisely why deathbed confessions are taken as "gospel". We come in the Name of The LORD JESUS CHRIST. Truth wins!
Join the conversation. Looking for a guest for your podcast? #dealwithit #sexualabuse #cptsd #ptsdsupport
#BlessHisHeart while he tries to get the #FreedumbFolks and @OntarioPCParty #playmates all in a #tizzy about #NotAFuckingThing #CryMeARiver about your #FirstWorld #TravelDelays during a #GlobalPandemic. #Reality ---> #DealWithIt You want to #Travel you put up with the lines.
This photo is from the front of the line for security screening of domestic travel at Pearson. The line goes all the way to the entrance of the airport. This photo was taken at 6:20 this morning. Folks still want to claim there isn’t a problem? #cdnpoli…
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This is all your fault we are responding to your xenophobic behavior nobody is being radicalized, you African and Caribbean immigrants just don’t get to freely and openly disrespect us anymore #dealwithit
I'm going to step back from the trolling & address the aftermath of my Clarence Thomas tweet w/ the seriousness it deserves. I'll preface this by saying I've deleted the tweet & apologized to anyone offended, but it's not enough for these people. Let me explain why. 🧵 (1/13):
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Join the conversation. Looking for a recovery coach? #dealwithit #ptsdsupport #ptsdwife #ptsdsucks
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You don't want anyone's advice because you won't like the solution. So do what men did when we were forced out of the culture and #dealwithit
Wah Cry a little @scotus conservatives... I bet you would like the help of your liberal colleagues on this but in the words of Donald Trump they're not here for me or them in this case. Bad decisions while in public office have consequence #dealwithit…