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Na so na the man travel pass for the country #AjalaTravel
Hardwork, Consistency and Grace 🙏🙏. Thank you JMCA for this special award recognition. #BestMotivationalRapper of the year 🎉🎉🎉🎉 @Oladipsoflife #GeneralElectionNow #FM23 #Resign #firecrackers #kpss2022 #ไบเบิ้ลบิว #malamjumat #ajalatravel
Oladips – Àjàlá Travel (Amapiano Remix) Oladips – Àjàlá Travel (Amapiano Remix) Mp3. Download latest music by #Oladips titled Àjàlá Travel Amapiano Remix Mp3 on Rapper Oladips from Nigeria… #Àjàlátravel #amapianoremix
I had to drop my Verse to this track #Ajalatravel by @Oladipsoflife , My boss OTOLORIN did a great job in the track I AM STARRY
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Futile journey 🙄 The USA has nothing to offer Nigeria in terms of energy. They are currently facing energy crisis. One gallon of gas is $5dollar. We need home grown solutions to our energy problems. Stop wasting our scarce resources. #ASUUStrikeMustEnd #Ajalatravel
OLADIPS no go fall if hin give SIMPLEGEE a life changing verse 🙏 Help your fellow ikorodu Trench kid to fulfil his dreams BIG OTOLORIN 💪🏿🤲 @Oladipsoflife @Oladipsoflife @Oladipsoflife #oladips #ajalatravel
Person Wey You Love Nogo Love You & Person Wey Love You,You Nogo Love Am If You Love Person Wey No Love You,Person Wey Love You Go Love Person Wey You Love And If Person Wey You Love No Love Person Wey No Love You,Person Wey No Love U Go Love Person Wey No Love Person Wey Love U
OLADIPS no go die if hin help SIMPLEGEE 🙏 Help your fellow ikorodu boy OTOLORIN 🔥 @Oladipsoflife @Oladipsoflife #oladips #ajalatravel
Wizkid Nogo Die If He Show Machala Love Sha! It’ll Definitely Mean Everything To Someone Who’s Been A Big Fan Even Before He Made The Record, Ile Aye Ẹsẹ́ Mẹ̀fá... Caterefe Life Aga Aga Regardless ✊
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#AjalaTravel Just say make I vibe on it. 🔥❤️💯💥😍
This is beautiful Dips.... Looking back from when I sabi you and all..... Keep going bro, you just getting started! #AjalaTravel
Young boy Hustler Ọmọdé Olówó 🎶 #AjalaTravel ❤️
@Odumodublvck_ had one of the best verse on Oladips Ep!! #Ajalatravel
Ice Prince verse in #Ajalatravel remix 😭
Oladips - Ajala Travel (Amapiano Remix) Vibrant indigenous Nigerian rapper, Oladips, real name Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji has finally unleashed the long awaited Ajala Travel remix compilation project. #ÀjàláTravel #AjalaTravelEP #AmapianoRemix…