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My #WorldHypnotismDay tracks will be taken down tmw. 👉 Intro to hypnosis 😴 Wake up & fall asleep with hypnosis 👩‍🎓 Learn how to make positive change with hypnosis 😊 Relax with hypnosis 😀 Have fun with hypnosis #hypnotherapy #relaxation #stress
As well as being a good way to relax + helpful in making positive changes, #hypnosis can also be used purely for entertainment. As part of my #WorldHypnotismDay selection I've included 2 clips of individual hypnosis for fun sessions. See these + more at
Hypnosis is a great way to #relax + reduce #stress + #anxiety. My tropical beach holiday can help you do that. (with subtitles for deaf/hard of hearing) Listen to this and the other tracks I put together for #WorldHypnotismDay at
BRINGING UP BABY – Howard Hawks, 1938 #screenplay: Dudley Nichols w/ Cary Grant & Katharine Hepburn David is exasperated. #WorldHypnotismDay
Yesterday was #WorldHypnotismDay, so this week I'm sharing some free hypnosis and information. Hypnosis can help you sleep and also wake up feeling alert and refreshed. I have tracks to help you do both of those. #insomnia #goodmorning
"You are getting sleepy." "You will open a can of tuna and place it on the floor." "You will leave Tweety's cage door open and go to bed." #WorldHypnotismDay #CatsOnTwitter
Replying to @peeweeherman
@peeweeherman “I know a thing or two about hypnotism — I've done some hypnosis work before!… She’s an obvious plant. You’ve merely hypnotized your hand.
Pee-wee Herman
Sketches I did for #WorldHypnotismDay ! 1 Shantae with a pendulum 2 Naomi getting corrupted 3 froppy getting kaa hypno 4 patricia wagon getting tech corrupt 5 @SaaVLewd singing to Aloe from interspecies reviewers in her loving THIGHS
Thank you, hypno community, on these final minutes of #WorldHypnotismDay. Without yall I wouldnt have my favorite hobby, and I wouldnt have most of my darling partners. Everything about this artform continues to amaze me and weve made a wonderful community to learn together.
I've never been hypnotized- officially. There are probably a few times when I can say that I have probably been- unofficially🔮#WorldHypnotismDay🔮 #House365 "Solomun - Hypnotize"…
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