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I just found 2 dead ticks trapped in my dogs fur. VACCINES WORK
My dog received a first dose of a tick vaccine on 4/20. Lol. He got his second dose around a month later. This past weekend he came into contact with multiple ticks. Those disgusting little insects didn’t stand a chance. Science is cool. Vaccines work
There are 3 groups of people right now:- Group 1:- those that believe Covid was a deadly Pandemic, that masks & vaccines work, that there is an existential threat to life from climate change and that a women can have a penis. Group 2:- people that know something is wrong but can’t decompartmentalize space in their mind to comprehend what it is, so are content with blaming Russia, Covid, Brexit etc. for current affairs whilst fully suspecting their politicians are lying Group 3:- those that have awakened & realise we have been lied to about so so many things we used to consider true, that Covid was a scam, vaccines are killing people in record numbers, Geo-Engineering is happening daily, the climate change narrative is fraudulent & there is a Globalist take-over pushing us towards communism at the behest of the elites. Group 1 are completely lost, we need to shift Group 2 into Group 3.
Too bad vaccines work 0% For fighting or preventing covid transmission. Why take something that makes you worse? Vaccines can cause Auto-Immune disease. From #WHO @WHO Diabetes. Etc I say it creates Turbo Cancer Cells, Thyroid issues + more. The mRNA goes inside da nucleus
Do you know how vaccines work? NHS vaccinations have protected families like yours from serious illnesses like diptheria, polio, measles, and meningitis which can be life-changing or deadly. Find out more at #vaccineswork #NHS75
Sub-National Polio Immunisation Campaign❗️ 📍South Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 7 districts 👶🏻Vaccination Target: More than 1.1 million children For vaccination & campaign details⬇️ 💬0346-7776546 | ☎️1166 #VaccinesWork #EndPolio
You do know how vaccines work, right?