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No "ifs" bruh. It's "when" PO recovers his stolen mandate... It's obvious things will immediately change for better which will then put these oldies out of business and into jail. You'd also resist if in their shoes. We will #TakeBackNaija
Somebody loaded me with some info today on why they dont want Obi any where near aso rock, alot of things happening that the public will never know, people listen, i swear on my life, if Obi recovers that mandate, you will notice significant change in naija within 2days!
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LESSON: NEVER CRITICIZE 1. Anything that is above your pay grade 2. Anything that you do not have have a proper understanding of 3. Anything you have Never Experienced #TakeBackNaija #WeThePeople Selah
😂😂😂😂😂 some people have a humoured way of Serving ""Haute" Cooked Vawulence." #TakeBackNaija #WeThePeople Selah
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Cook baby cook. Corn no dey quick boil.
😂😂 if they close their office that one go good, they go get sense join the struggle to take back naija
Take Home: "It is Better to be Bitter and Wise, than to be Happy and Stupid." 😂 #TakeBackNaija #WeThePeople Selah
Its better to be bitter in Nigeria than not to have sense. Too many sweet but senseless people in Nigeria and that's why Nigeria doesn't make sense but full of stupidly happy people. You can't change what you are not bitter about.
Fake media. Unfollow this cornfields. See Pearls, Weyimi, Take Back Naija on Instagram, Parallel facts and other ObiDient handles for true stories.
Drama in court as judges order Peter Obi’s legal team to go home…
They said that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is BAT, while Remi Ahmed Tinubu is RAT. So we have animals in ASO Rock
@gypsy2maine Said It Best: "A TINUBU SUPPORTER SHOULD NOT FEATURE in the same sentence as HONOUR AND INTEGRITY. Please do better." 😂😂 #TakeBackNaija #WeThePeople Selah
Bami Bowale, have you withdrawn your support for PBAT? He is currently working with Godwin Emefiele and I urge you as a man of integrity to do well to carry out your threats. Kenneth okonkwo the INEC bread Remi Tinubu Jonathan
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Fearless drink is #250, fuel is 600, buy energy drink and give trekking a chance I said i should motivate you on this great day of #Trekking #TakeBackNaija #WeThePeople Selah
NO COMMENT! 😂 #TakeBackNaija #WeThePeople Selah
He knows that Nigerians did not vote for him that is why he started with the collective punishments. #INECFailedNigerians #TakeBackNaija
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Got around $549. Thanks
Chaaiii this tweet: Stray Bullets Everywhere 😂 #TakeBackNaija #WeThePeople Selah
Our problems are not spiritual.