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On #BBCLauraK @Mark_J_Harper does not mention disabled people in his response to @bbclaurak on driver only operation on trains and she does not press the question at all…come on @BBCPolitics make sure disabled people’s voices are heard…#Transport #RailStrikes @RMTunion
⛔🚄 #RailStrikes Train drivers in ASLEF + RMT unions will strike tomorrow, 1st and Fri 3rd Feb. ⚠ 15 train companies will have NO service. More ℹ️ :…
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Working from home during the rail strikes? Check your #heatingoil tank level regularly. Avoid running out especially as the weather remains bitter Request multiple distributor Quotes @ Todays avg price is ↓82.54ppl #kerosene #energy #railstrikes
Most people won't be on strike tomorrow because they don't belong to a union which is trying to bring down the government. Most people are on the side of those that aren't holding the country to ransom & causing misery to millions. #NursesStrike #teacherstrikes #railstrikes
I know teachers are entitled to fair pay but parents are losing pay too having to take a day off. All carers deserve more pay but have no big union backing them a bit like most minimum wage jobs. What do they do? #strikes #teacherstrikes #nhsstrikes #railstrikes
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Beat the #railstrikes with local car rental 🚀 Instantly rent a car from someone in your area and keep your travel plans on track 📍#carsharing Browse nearby cars 👉
I work in the public services and will be striking on 1 February. Public sector workers like me have had below inflation pay rises for ten years. Enough is enough, all out on 1 Feb #PCS #EduOut #railstrikes #strike
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Live on @itvnews National from Birmingham New Street @ 6:30pm, all about #railstrikes. @ITVCentral
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A train guard ably dealing with a passenger health emergency on my train from @NetworkRailMAN to @NetworkRailLIV. Thank goodness he's there. Isn't this what @RMTunion, @ASLEFunion and their #railstrikes are campaigning to keep!? 🤔
As a dentist and hospital worker, I've seen that on occasion a patient can kick off and it does make healthcare workers feel unsafe - reception usually bare the brunt of it. It isn't the same but I can empathise with railway workers in these public facing roles #RailStrikes
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Should rail workers go on strike in the United Kingdom? #railstrikes #railstrike
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