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Today market is 21,1182 from today to onward it will rise..... #RiseUp #BTC
This woman has more courage than the politicians who are supposed to represent her and I'm on her side! #VoteThemOut #RiseUp
Our rights, liberty, and freedom are under attack. The only option we have is to stand together and fight back. Thank you, Danielle. From the Hood to the Holler, the people of Kentucky are rising up. We will win.
Mother of all African political parties! 2015 we鈥檙e seduced by the devils who emerges to destroy our efforts! Rain is coming mama we need you more than ever before!!! We miss you mama馃槶馃槶馃槶!!! #Riseup
Remember we are fighting TWO BATTLES now! Don鈥檛 forget the #UvaldeMassacre and our pursuit of #GunControl! SCOTUS knocked us down but we WILL #RiseUp! Punishment for an abortion $10k and a felony. Punishment for get live outside of jail with an ankle bracelet.#survivor
Andy Vermaut shares:Billy Strings - Fire on My Tongue [Bluegrass]: submitted by /u/ObligationAware3755 [link] [comments]鈥 Thank you. #AndyVermaut #RiseUp #MusicIsLoveWithVibes
Move in could not have happen with out the help of @SheilaPenn6 and the staff did and outstanding job! When you realize the end objective is to serve our students time and effort is priceless! Thank you to all for your assistance with check in! The mailman! #RiseUp Love #BEHOLD
Only snow, rain, dew, ..falls on TOP of the MOUNTAIN! ...the rest of us,must FIND our WAY there! New week, New Slate.... #RiseUp馃寗 #ShowUp馃尰 #GoodMorningW馃審rld 馃摳 @ArigiObiero
Andy Vermaut shares:Massive Attack - Teardrop [trip-Hop]: submitted by /u/tiff_seattle [link] [comments]鈥 Thank you. #AndyVermaut #RiseUp #MusicIsLoveWithVibes
Andy Vermaut shares:What songs remind you of summer ?: I want to put together the ultimate summer playlist that you can play anytime of the day. Share some suggestions and I'll make a playlist! 鈥鈥 Thank you. #AndyVermaut #RiseUp #MusicIsLoveWithVibes
Andy Vermaut shares:How many instances have you found the live version of a music better than the normal version?: i want to know some rare moments where the live version is better than the original鈥鈥 Thank you. #AndyVermaut #RiseUp #MusicIsLoveWithVibes
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Class of 鈥23 ATH @brantbryant4 with a great camp today @PaladinFootball ! #RiseUp #RecruitTheVille馃敟
Rise up Resisters! Keep looking for the Helpers and Take Action! November is now!!! #RiseUP #VoteBluein22