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Me with #SevereME, #LongCovid plus several other dx and a million other problems. People in general forget I exist. #chronicillness #pwME #DisabilityTwitter #Disability #MECFS #MEAwarenesshour
I wonder how many #longcovid patients have just gone off the grid bc they can no longer keep up with the medical appointments due to their worsening so they鈥檙e suffering in silence instead, meanwhile the docs assume they鈥檝e recovered.
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鈽濔煆籋elp needed arranging this IV Hartmanns/magnesium. Tricky but may be possible. Can鈥檛 do alone. Blacking out, memory loss, seizures soon. Nurse, nurse practitioner or doctor - help! #meawarenesshour #pwME #pwLC #Migraine #POTS #MECFS #chronicillness #MedTwitter #NurseTwitter
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Yup. 30 years ago, in my late 20s, I started trying to figure out what had happened to my post viral body. There was no internet. I requested access to the medical school library and was refused. I scoured what hard copy medical journals I could get. It was impossible.
Hope OTs +all others aware: #MEcfs +many #LongCovid have #PEM or #PESE ie all symptoms worsen not just fatigue if push selves too hard+don鈥檛 pace selves Many have #OrthostaticIntolerance ie standing still/sitting upright too long make much worse Aids really help #MEawarenesshour
馃尰 Share Like RT posts during #MEAwarenessHour in 11 hours time馃尰馃尰 20:00 GMT 21:00 Europe Talking all things #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis Poster credit: @AertbyLisa 馃檹
Remember the 1 hour chat #MEAwarenessHour each Wednesday/Mercredi/Mittwoch 20:00 GMT 21:00 Europe to talk all things #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis UK #pwME please sign up/share @DecodeMEstudy Poster credit: @AertbyLisa 馃檹
Something to be aware of on weekly voting: If no grant is given in one round-the votes for a charity are carried forward to the next Sometimes additional votes are allowed 鈦@Invest_in_ME鈦 鈦@MEResearchUK鈦 25% ME Group鈥
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Heute Abend von 21 bis 22 Uhr: #MEAwarenessHour wie jeden Mittwoch. Insbesondere diejenigen, die noch nicht viel 眉ber #MECFS wissen, bitte lest dann unter dem Hashtag mit und unterst眉tzt die Betroffenen, damit endlich Forschung, Behandlung und Betreuung stattfinden. Danke!
馃尰Weekly reminder-same day as #MEAwarenessHour 馃尰 Please VOTE for @Invest_in_ME to receive some grant monies from My Giving Circle-closes 31 March Currently at #7 on this new round 馃尰Regular Weekly votes needed please!!馃尰 #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis鈥
Some researchers perpetuate the belief that #MECFS is psychogenic in nature. Did you know that many leading Universities now pursue biomedical research on ME/CFS and that many researchers accept the biological nature of the illness after reviewing the evidence? #MEAwarenessHour
#WeeklyReminder Morgen ist Mittwoch und zwischen 21-22 Uhr internationale #MEAwarenesshour ! Wichtige Zeit, um geballt auf fehlende Forschung, Aufkl盲rung und Unterst眉tzung f眉r #MECFS , aber auch #LongCovid und #PostVac Betroffene aufmerksam zu machen.
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