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Friendly reminder that Ginni Thomas is still a government employee despite her attempts to overturn election results. This needs to change. President Biden needs to fire her.
I鈥檒l never get over all the God鈥檚 work voters on the Right THINK they are doing to stop sexual abuse, yet they are being led in part by #JimJordan who is on the court record as having actively abetted & covered up SCORES of sexual abuse of Ohio State wrestlers. Utter hypocrisy.
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before any of these losers like #jimjordan comes on tv....they should be fitted with a "dunce cap"
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#JimJordan you mean go to #OhioState and hope that #GymJordan will protect you but you end up #raped. Jim Jordan will rape your children. He has in the past and will again
They've tried to hide the truth abt the #Jan6thInsurrection but #DOJ has yet to subpeona their phone & text msgs. Folks like #MTG / #JimJordan / #RonJohnson / #tedcruzgaylover haven't beat the law yet!
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Keep up your MAGA nonsense, #JimJordan Obviously you didn't learned anything from the last midterm election.
While the GOP leading candidate to be #House leader gives a wishy-washy statement against #antisemitism, considers #JimJordan leadership so he can waste America鈥檚 time investigating #HunterBiden while real problems need addressing, here鈥檚 a success list.
Says who?? This the stuff we need to get rid of in our Government..Lying, fear mongering, and gaslighting. Its typical DIVIDE AND CONQUER. #Jimjordan #MAGAMorons
The Left wants more censorship online and in the media. The Right wants free speech. The choice is clear.
Jim Jordan thinks he can do more as the Chair of the Judiciary Committee and says McCarthy has done a good job of keeping the Republican party together. #jimjordan
What's NEXT is to IMPRISON violent #Insurrectionists and #RaceHater #Republicans like YOU, evil #JimJordan.
COMING UP AT 8:40AM EST: Congressman @Jim_Jordan joins the show as a special guest! Listen LIVE from 6AM - 10AM EST on 770 AM, and the #77WABC App! #77WABC #BernieAndSid #JimJordan
Co-conspirators the seditious GOP in Congress! #GOPSedition #MTG #Boebert #JimJordan #TomCotton #KevinMcCarthy #TedCruz #MoeBrooks #AndyBiggs #LouieGohmert #ScottPerry #MattGaetz & all of the others. Justice done for those of us who love truth, decency & inclusivity.
Stewart Rhodes, leader of the Oath Keepers, and Kelly Meggs, have been found guilty of seditious conspiracy. They are guilty of trying to violently stop the peaceful transfer of power. Well done Merrick Garland and Justice Department (DOJ). #SeditionHasConsequences
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But you're the "law and order" party, right? Yeah, guess when you begged students who were sexually assaulted under your watch to not come forward, we knew that was a lie, but thanks for continuing to confirm 馃憤 #JimJordan