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Art of Emotions - Abstract Expressionism. Painting my subjective thoughts on canvas while facilitating Art-based support group for Muslim Women impacted by #Islamophobia by COSTI immigrant services.
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Must watch: My colleague Muhammad Rabbani from @UK_CAGE delivers a succinct but very powerful message at @OSCE warning of dire consequences of rampant state #Islamophobia in #France and likens its discrimination of Muslims to that plaguing #India and #China
WATCH: CAGE Managing Director challenges the French Government at the @OSCE Human Dimension Conference on its Islamophobic persecution of Muslims.
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गरबा के कार्यक्रम में मुस्लिम लड़कों को बजरंग दल और VHP के गुंडों ने बेरहमी से पीटा, मामला अहमदाबाद का है, इस देश में इन आतंकी संगठनों को इतनी खुली छूट किसने दी है? #islamophobia #Gujarat
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If you vote Labour or intend to vote labour Party - and you have also seen the #LabourFiles - and you were appalled by the revelations of #Islamophobia , law breaking (data protection in Newham), the antiblack racism.. This is what a Labour MP thinks of anti-PoC racism! Reflect
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No and I have no intention of watching it.
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India bans Islamic group PFI! #India has declared the Muslim group, Popular Front of India, and its affiliates unlawful, accusing them of involvement in “terrorism” and banning them for 5 years, after authorities detained more than 100 PFI members this month. #Islamophobia
@guardian @BBCBreaking @GBNEWS @SkyNews Why are you not showing the real cause of mahem and chaos in UK? Fear of #islamophobia and hate for #Hindus? Same way u brushed the #Grooming gang rapes by Pakistani Muslim Men. @kwilliam111
Islamic scholar: ‘Nurture in your children the hatred of Britain, like mothers breastfeed babies’
We firmly reject view that terrorists are not ‘true’ #Muslims. To us, #Muslim is anyone who belongs to the religion of #Islam and its culture, though he or she may claim to be atheist, and is born of a couple of which atleast one parent is a Muslim. #Islamophobia #Leicester
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What do this have to do with muslim ?