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I don't know about y'all but I'm feeling a bit full of the BS being shoved down my throat! #nottodaysatan I have no taste for BS! Spent half my life dealing with a LIAR who is FULL of BS but looked like a juicy turkey! #NoMore #justicetime #freetheUS #MAGA #TRUMPWON #45
Replying to @POTUS
Just because you scream "democracy!" Dkes not mean you are promoting it. You did the same thing trump was accused of doing on Jan 6th with the demonic speech you gave. #freetheus and remove yourself so we can focus more on democracy and not petty argument because you lost seat.
matheus vou abrir um portal de ajuda pra você, #freetheus !!!
#freetheUS from Chinese (CCP) influence
Looks like Elon didn't kill all the bots attracted to the buzzword "Nazi" yet. But the West was only silent because gagged by OPEC imposed Sharia. Please free us!!! #FreeTheUS
We cannot allow criticism of Israeli policy to be censored in this country, which the government alleges is free. How can say we live in a free country if we can't criticize the policy of a completely different country? Please sign Lowkey's petition. #FreePalestine #FreeTheUS
Please add your name to our open letter to Spotify rejecting the Israel lobby attempts to remove me from the platform
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Well, either you don't have kids, or you need to be locked up for child abuse. #KyleRittenhouse #mrpoopypants #Biden #Bitcoin #VaccineMandates #arrestfaucinow #FREETHEUS
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Big tough talk trying to create an issue
We need to start a “Free the US” movement. #freetheUS
esse é o pior anúncio que existe, escutar e ver a cara desse nojento é horrível #freetheus
Is this why we were in Afghanistan? To keep the drug supply to the world and to the Americans dying on the streets? #freeAfghanistan and #freetheUS
realidade vc obcecada pela gnt #freebia #freetheus
#StopPutin & authoritarianism globally now! We know first hand where appeasement horrifically leads & will keep leading: to a world increasingly conquered & divided. #StandUp4HumanRights & #VotingRights everywhere. #FreeRussia #FreeBelarus #FreeTheUS:
Biden takes on Putin
Parem de atacar o theus e aceitem o fato deq ele é um sensato,e que a voz do povo é a voz de deus. Se o povo concordou é porque é a verdade absoluta. Deixem ele em paz. #freetheus deixem de ser invejosos.