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🔥🙏🏽Utmost respect #Forourchildren #SaveSoil
Surviving The 48oC Ride Through The Arabian Desert - #SaveSoil Folktales Find out what it takes to survive a motorcycle ride through the Arabian Desert, in peak summer with temperatures hitting 48 degree Celsius! Action now. @ralineshah
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 This is important. We have to do what we can to help #Beto get elected. We NEED #Texas, and Texas needs us. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #ForOurChildren
You can donate and still help his campaign because a Texas win is a win for the entire country. If we flip Texas blue and we keep it blue, GOP can almost never win the presidency again. they have to keep Texas and its electoral college votes .
And equally a loss of nutritional value in the crops grown in these soils. #SaveSoil #ForourChildren
LaPlace Elementary School would like to Shout out and give a big “Thank You” to Riverside Academy High School for the donation of uniform shirts to our school over the summer.♥️💙‼️ “Together we are Better” #ForOurChildren
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tHE FUTURE DEPENDS ON WHAT WE DO IN THE PRESENT #savethisplanet #mahatmagandi #forourchildren #ecosystemsmatter #video #neocurio
Our kids are going back to school and Abbott has changed nothing since Uvalde to keep them safe. It's time to change our governor.
We are much more than just teachers. 👩‍🏫 We wear multiple hats every day. 👒 My classroom is ready for Monday, the first day of school at CECA! #WeAreClintISD 🍎 #CECAPatriots #WhateverItTakes #ForOurChildren
#ToTheMoon. #forus #forTheFutture #forOurChildren. Don't sell for fiat, don't make it worth less, Value what you have.
Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Super excited to join the family & to continue the AWESOME work taking place! Let's work! 🙌🏾💪🏾🥰 #purposedriven #onamission #forourchildren
There is no excuse for any parent, like @fred_guttenberg to lose a child to gun violence. Please watch this trial and vote for leaders who will have the courage to support #gunsafety and #gunresponsibility #safeschools #forourchildren
Just returned home from court. Today, the medical examiner covered Jaime's autopsy. He discussed in detail what a single AR 15 bullet did to kill my daughter. I hope she died instantly and did not suffer as blood filled her chest. Please pay attention to this trial and VOTE!
This was right as I was walking off the stage last night. I saw this little girl reaching over the railing and had to stop and have this moment. Moments like this make all the attacks worth it. Moments like this remind me why I’m in this fight with you. It’s for our Children.
Great day today, marching through #London with the gang from @TPHA_UK which was fighting for the freedom for our children. A really uplifting, thought provoking experience with some really amazing people #forourchildren
Off to Buckingham Palace To stand with those that have lost loved ones or injured from #vaccineinjuries #LestWeForget #FOROURCHILDREN
There’s room on Twitter for lots of moms (and dads, and aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas…)! There’s no cool club. Bring your voice and be heard. If someone says you’re being too loud and annoying, it’s because you’re doing the right thing! #ForOurChildren
🪧JUSTICE FOR VACCINE VICTIMS 🪧HOLD GOVERNMENT TO ACCOUNT 🪧IN MEMORY OF VACCINE VICTIMS Millions have been injured and thousands have died across the UK (less than 10% recorded by Gov) because of the experimental COVID jab. #ForOurChildren We will stand against:
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