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Harry Kane advised to “be selfish” and “seize the opportunity” amid Man United transfer interest #fsu #cristiano #motivation #sifytrends #btc #juventus #round1 #unlvwbb #cod #forabara #aewhouserules #sportbooks #week5 #boxbreaks #music
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Aye, seen that yesterday, laughed for abar a second then thought, nar, that's shite.
watched him try and load a gun for Abar a minute then acted surprised when he shot the only fella on the street
Man casually walks up and murders a homeless man in broad daylight...
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Also I left it in the mic for abar a minute does it matter?
Gerrards head fell clean off for abar a year after the slip didn’t it, I’ll never forget how he aged about 20 years in between the chelsea n palace game
Run it back when the league strip City
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If that’s goin for 25 quid for abar a nicker down the grid in the garden🤣🤣
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Fella looks fucking relieved hahaha been outside goodison for abar a week him get yerself home there lad
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If Sky Sports get hold of this photo, then it will be the breaking news for abar a month. They wont allow something like the truth get in the way of a good story.
Never stopped laughing for abar a week after our under 8’s beat the blooooo shite
The funniest night ever
I know, I was talking generally as he’s been relentless for abar a week hahaha
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I have been craving chicken bbq for abar a week
Cette phrase à pour but de t'inspirer et te motiver alors 👂🙏 Lit et applique ces conseils si tu souhaites progresser, mais surtout devenir meilleur #suarez #zidane #neymarjr #mbappe #aguero #juventus #laliga #pogba #forzajuve #forabara #instafutbol #campnou
Going to @PopworldBaby for abar a week when this bellwhiff croaks
While it's clear the man who threw 3 petrol bombs at a migrant centre in Dover and then killed himself was deranged, the real story is of great tensions in the town among worried residents. Who can blame them? Another 990 illegals arrived yesterday. Rishi must stop the tide.
Nothing but 2 word answers from me for abar a week
also that man mourned his mother in the 80s for abar a week and then got on with it; no way is he is grieving right now
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He cried for abar a hour bu then settled haha, mates sister hu a got the dog off said today she thort he wud cry coz he always slept on top of the other puppy’s
Boss that mate, I’ve been on the list for one for abar a year now, know what those on the season ticket list at Anfield feel like!