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Near… "Furthermore, he got 'harassed' by a man when he was in drag, so he's gone on to be a spokesman for 'women being harassed by men. It is sad that he was harassed, but that does not make him eligible to speak about women being harassed." #FemaleAppropriation
If I still had children of primary school age I would remove them for the day. This not appropriate. It’s pornstar appropriation of women. How is this happening? Parents slam drag queen library tour... but organiser hits back via @MailOnline
Matt Walsh detonates the trans appropriation of women (1 of 2) "Why doesn't anyone ever talk about female appropriation? That is real appropriation" #MattWalsh #FemaleErasure #FemaleAppropriation
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Why do men dressing as women apply so much make up that it almost makes them look alien? I mean, have they ever even seen a real women? We don’t look like this. It’s offensive. Drag is to women what Blackface is to black people. #FemaleAppropriation
"I’m thrilled that Eddie is joining us as my Nina Jekyll. With her being the extraordinary and versatile actress she is..." Eddie Izzard is a man, he is an actor. Variety should hang their heads in shame. #FemaleAppropriation #NoThankyou…
Unbelieveably offensive... You cannot self ID into a race or a sex... Ethnicity is not a costume. Sex is not a costume. #notoselfID #sexnotgender #culturalappropriation #femaleappropriation
But if Bourassa were 'trans'? "Wheeler, a member of Manitoba’s Fisher River Cree Nation, says genealogical records show Bourassa is not Indigenous.... "'You’ve got no right to tell people that’s who you are in order to gain legitimacy.... That’s abuse.'”…
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WTF As if feminists haven’t fought for several decades, now men are stealing our hardships LOL They want periods and childbirth? I mean, have at it. #femaleappropriation