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@5ireChain amazes me with how they approach climate change. I am following their #5ireThunder testnet. Sustainability is at the core of their blockchain development. These are huge steps towards saving the planet. 🌏
One of the most important perspectives on #ClimateChange. Long read but #PleaseRead
This is beyond absurd, and it sums up the whole climate crisis in a nutshell. Firstly, appointing the CEO of a major oil company to head COP28. Secondly, the orchestrated and dishonest greenwashing of his image/credentials.… 1/🧵
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This tv show is WAY more important than climate change. I mean, who gives a f*ck if ppl can live on the planet 50 years from now?!? 🧐🧐🧐
Let's realize the significant carbon footprint associated with food waste. Consider this as a reminder to be mindful and avoid wasting food. #becomenetzeronow #climatechange #environment #indianetzero #plantaseed #plants #cleanerair #solarenergy #gogreen #funfacts #planttrees
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I don’t believe the carbon dioxide explanation for the so called climate change. I do believe there are cycles I also think there’s some facts in the claim the earth core has stopped revolving or has significantly slowed down if the three rivers dam slowed the rotation by 30 sec
Climate change is real but the human attributed input is small and easily acceptable and that's what is useless to this panic machine that destroys people's lives.
The ocean is a powerful ally in our fight against #ClimateChange. From capturing carbon to providing sustainable food sources, the ocean holds solutions to many global challenges. Solutions we must harness to secure a sustainable future. #SustainableOceanAction #ClimateAction
Seagrass meadows are critical tools for coastal communities in combating climate change - by providing carbon storage, coastline protection, a habitat for marine wildlife and much more... Read more in the @NYTimes 🌊👇
Guarda caso che, quelli che fanno i miliardi coi vaccini, sono subito venuti in Italia: Tedros/VdL (anche con la preoccupazione del "climate change"). Vengono in Italia xché sanno che trovano una classe politica + cittadini ormai plagiati da tutte le emergenze che la UE decide.😭
Almost June and look at the Abbottabad temperature. This is what’s called real climate change
Agreed. Heatwaves that break all time records constantly all over the globe is a clear signal of climate change, especially when drought and rainfall records are also falling constantly. These are all feedbacks of a warmer global average temperature caused by greenhouse gasses
smog of toxic aluminium and other toxins that is killing our world with changing the Ph of the soil and biodiversity, creating shortage in our food chain. They call it "climate change."
This is a beautiful Manifesto. I'll have to be a very finicky political mum to not acknowledge this piece. As a climate change enthusiast, I'll celebrate this as a win. This is progress.🥂
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Senator Kennedy exposes the climate hoax (1 min 16 seconds) The fact that they aren’t funding skimming the oceans for plastic and converting that plastic to biodiesel fuel for ships tells you what an absolute fraud the entire ‘climate change’ narrative actually is.
So what will the green lovers do about it The tree huggers won't allow this . Climate change PROTESTER'S won't allow it. Labour party talking bollocks again. They will make this country skint And take us back into the dark ages