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Ma non ti vergogni a postare queste minchiate false? E i rimbambiti qua sotto che ci credono. Imparatevi l'Inglese e ascoltatevi il video integrate (postato sotto). Dice che l'obiettivo era di ridurre la popolazione che non si puo' permettere i farmaci del 50%. #COVIDIOTS
Tout le monde s'embrasse..ça nous change de cette période de merde qu'on a connu pendant deux longues années..En espérant que jamais un tel cauchemar ne se renouvelera..#Cannes #FestivaldeCannes2022 #COVIDIOTS #COVID
La cloaca #La7 non delude mai. Dopo ennesimo speciale sulla guerra, il talk spazzatura serale ha come tema il parallelismo tra guerra e pandemia, con #televirologi che l sabato sera non hanno un cazzo d'altro da fare. #COVIDIOTS #inonda
freedumb eh? only goes one way for #COVIDIOTS
The animals are clearly the more intelligent species on the farm.…
Do you realize how evil you sound? You sound just like the ones that told us that we deserve to die from AIDS in the 1980s. Put down the phone Patty and go touch some grass. #LGBTQIA #COVIDIOTS #covid #Canada
Too bad so sad. Unvaccinated Canadians are vilified daily and stigmatized. What makes you so special not to be be treated like 💩?? We are all Canadians and neither group should feel less than for any reason. Suck it up like the rest of us 6 million Canadians have.
#COVID le coronacircus 🤡🤡🤡alimenté par les #COVIDIOTS Heureux d'avoir été tondus les mouCONS ?
🚨Pr Peyromaure choc🚨 les médecins auraient... du s'opposer au pass sanitaire qui est anti déontologique des mesures liberticide et surtout inefficace "quand on fait le bilan du confinement le bilan n est pas bon ...bilan pass sanitaire, il n est pas bon non plus!" ⚠️RT⚠️
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Und die Corona Vollpfosten kriechen wieder aus ihrem verschissenen Loch. #COVIDIOTS #covidioten
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No. E' l'era di quelli che ci campano su queste follie. Con la complicita' (a scopo di lucro) di media criminali, e delle masse idiote ed ignoranti che si bevono tutto. #covidiots #Speranzaingalera
Covid, epatite di origine ignota, vaiolo delle scimmie: è l'era delle malattie virali?
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Disinfo mainstream media sites promotes propaganda about fake chemicals just to hide the truth that its a side effect from the vaccine. I have read atleast 10 similar stories troughout the year. #scam #lies #fakenews #ownedmedia #fear #vaccineSideEffect #stupid #COVIDIOTS
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It's funny. Every so often I wonder why you crop up on my feed and then I read your profile, roll my eyes and say to myself "Oh yeah, that's right." #COVIDIOTS #Warningsfromhistory
Are those folk who walk about smugly with a #facemask just covering their mouth and not their nose committing a #microaggression #COVIDIOTS
I have officially entered the pandemic stage of fuck it...let the anti-vax nut bags travel. This way they leave my country..but most importantly..they can shut the fuck up. #Covid #COVIDIOTS
Woman Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison For Punching Flight Attendant #News #covidiots
We've got millions of those. They keep feeling stupid alright, but they never get any smarter. #COVIDIOTS
Your mask is stupid and it was always stupid and you should feel stupid because feeling stupid is the best way to get smarter.
her mutated genetic existence is a hideous weapon of mass destruction! Have u looked at urself in the mirror itsy? FYI since u love the Constitution Weapons are specifically mentioned in it, not pedophiles & prostitutes😮!#USA #NYC #COVIDIOTS #WakeUp #America A PURGE IS NEEDED
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Quand on voudra un avis éclairé sur le sujet des soignants suspendus car incapables de respecter une règle élémentaire de santé, on évitera de vous appeler... Et ne vous fatiguez pas à commenter les sujets économiques également, ça devient gênant (pour vous). #Covidiots