Hi there @Rovers fans. As a male Mental Health sufferer, I wanted to create a page where anyone that was suffering could chat openly, without judgement or pressure. Hoping that this page might just help people to open up, because talking really does help. #Rovers
I really suffer with anxiety and depression I worry over the stupidest things it's hard some days really hard,feels like a nagging voice in my head going over and over like a broken record day after day. I take fluoxetine daily that helps a lot thank you for this tweet.
I'm with you on anxiety and depression mate. I tried taking my own life a couple of years ago and have battled the demons since. Trust me, you're not alone. Never feel like you aren't able to discuss your feelings. 馃挋
Thank you for reply it's good to know that there are people like me to talk too thank you again 馃憤

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Always here mate. I'm sure there are plenty of others too. Do you get to watch @Rovers much?
Not really live in Norwich but supported rovers for over 20 odd years,been to ewood twice in the past but money can be a bit tight to go,I watch them on TV when they are on would love to go again.