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I don't know if na to Buy Land Or Buy Small Benz... This 2k dey give me sleepless Night 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Be #OBIdientlyYUSful
Imo Is Bleeding
This Bitcoin Bitcoin everybody dey do.. Abeg who be the owner? Kiaa God ooo
Nigerian Youths. Gather here, @officialABAT is ready for you guys. 😂😜🤣😆😁! ©KAN🙋
Answer Correctly and win. In which country will someone finish University and go to someone who didn't finish primary school to learn handwork?
I usually Wipe my PVC across the picture of @officialABAT's Nose saying "YOU WILL NEVER SMELL MY VOTE SIR"
To be successful in this Nigeria nowadays, person need to be strong like blue film camera man🚶😂
Am Begining To Consider @PeterObi as my second option after @PeterObi my first option.. What do you think my Obidient family Worldwide
Ancestral Personality Congress- APC. NO BE ME TALK AM OOO.
For the Redemption of either @PeterObi or Nigeria Will Collapse Within 48yrs..
Work Hard so that you don't take pictures while eating ordinary Chicken..
When man goes to your inbox and write he loves you, go to his timeline and write I love you too with a screenshot of his message. We are fixing this country for good to avoid heartbreak. 🙂🤣 Pls follow me 🙏
See my future president drinking water by himself If na that frog with big okpoookpo anya , his hands will be shaking 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Every lie has expiring Date.. Is over for @officialABAT concerning his Age declaration. @PeterObi Grace no be your mate.