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My toxic trait is I need ranch on everything. Every. Thing.
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First time land landing in crew ship!
Falcon 9’s first stage booster has landed on Landing Zone 1, a first for a human spaceflight mission
Some people are born with it
I was given a month to improve tweet:likes ratio or I will have to recruit a new social media manager
I sometimes forget this is supposed to be a marketing account and not a troll fan account 🥹 pls don’t fire me
Man, to all those 4k views on my tweets, y’all acting like there isn’t a ❤️ button under my tweets 😭😭 come on man
❤️‍🔥Happy Mother’s Day❤️‍🔥
Something my mom would say on Facebook
Never forget who helped you in difficult times. Who put you in difficult times. And who let you in difficult times.
I was today years old when I realized the Greek “embroidery” on @littlecaesars character stands for LC for Little Cesar’s •_• Genius.
Today’s date sounds a whole lot like “May the force be with you” This should be an official date
Finally trying Karl Gummies!
Oh my…. I wasn’t expecting that
LOL boss saw my tweet and corrected me @Feastables
Replying to @SNICKERS
Send some pls :/
You have some explaining to do @pizzahut
Don’t be a “where’s my hug” kind of guy, be a “where’s my John-Deere-S100-42-in-17-5-HP-Gas-Hydrostatic-Riding-Lawn-Tractor” type of guy