I’m probably being sarcastic. Welcome back, America - 1/20/21

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America: We interrupt that mass shooting to go to this mass shooting. But first, another mass shooting.
Explain to me how the "party of the working class" voted against rail workers getting even ONE paid sick day.
207 Republicans vote against Paid Sick Leave For Rail Workers
Anyone notice Mehmet Oz hasn't been in Pennsylvania for weeks now?
CNN goes more to the right and soon after, it is laying off employees. Good job, CNN.
GOP: Businesses should have the freedom to make their own choices. Apple: We don't support Twitter. GOP: NOT LIKE THAT!!!!
I hope the prayers work as well as prayers do to stop school shootings.
Anyone who believes in the power of prayer please pray for Diamond
America: We interrupt that mass shooting to go to this mass shooting. But first, another mass shooting.
Interesting idea - Disney or Amazon buys Cinemark theaters and gets to keep 100% of their own ticket sales and about 50% of everyone else's.
Would be a shame if Trump's tax returns got leaked. Darn shame.
Media today: How dare the Biden's not invite us to their wedding. It's as bad as anything Trump has done.
Another good reason to not live in Florida - those constant God awful holiday Winn-Dixie commercials.
Let’s build up a sport in the USA that for every few year it matters… and the first game ends in a 1-1 tie. So damn boring. If you like soccer, I’m not mad about it. It is just not for me, at all.
Crazy idea: maybe we shouldn’t let untaxed billionaires buy a global multi-billion dollar company, fire everyone and let it all burn to the ground.
If twitter shuts down, who will feed Kevin Sorbo?
"Extremely Hardcore Twitter 2.0" sounds like something I would dispute at hotel checkout.
I hope Elon buys the Kardashians next.
Hey, Elon Musk stans - he never gave a shit about you.
GOP ran on fixing inflation, crime, the border, freedom (whatever that means). The day after learning they won the House, they come out swinging with their first topic... Hunter Biden's laptop.
So if Trump can pardon anyone, what's to stop Biden from pardoning Hunter from anything and everything? Could have sworn some GOP members tried to get that around Jan 6th. Wouldn't this pardon end the GOP's "investigation?"
GOP: We didn't do well in the election because we are seen as too extreme. To fix this, we will be MORE extreme! That'll do it.