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Wrote to my local MP about this outrageous spend of public money. Got the usual blah blah response. Where are the morals this situation should require? Oh, sorry, forgot - it’s the #ConservativeParty way.
Given all the Ministerial resignations can those who have #resigned donate their loss of office pay of £17k to local food bank or to pay our public debt. Particularly those served less than 2 years who wouldn't qualify for #redundancy in the real world. #conservatives #reshuffle
A fitting end and let’s hope he takes the rest of his cheerleaders with him.
That Johnson comeback in full: flew back from a luxury holiday, posed like a twat, begged his rivals, lied about his support, let down his allies and fell on his arse.
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Accurate @bbclaurak
#BBCLauraK: “What the hell are you going to do about the NHS?!” Starmer: “We’ll…” LK: “Yeah, yeah we’ll talk about that some other time”
So many of us agree with this. It’s shameful how bad @bbclaurak is. @BBCNews
Just once it’d be nice if #BBCLauraK interviewed any Tory MP with the aggression & vigour she does with any Labour representative, including Keir Starmer right now
Are you listening? #ItsOurBBC @BBCNews @BBCNewsnight
Not much of a silver lining, given the size of the cloud, but at least we now know that any producer or presenter using guests from @iealondon is either deliberately promoting their ridiculous, utterly discredited agenda or treating their audience with complete contempt. Or both.
He spoke for a Nation. Take him off the naughty step! @Channel4 @Channel4News @krishgm
Free the Krishnan Guru-Murthy one
Genuine question. What would happen if around 80 Tory MPs went across the floor of the house and joined @UKLabour at this point? #torychaos #LiztrussResign @mrjamesob @AnneMarieMorris
Please do not comment, like or share this post. As I’ve tagged @Nigel_Farage in it, every single interaction sends him a notification to let him know that THE FLYING FARAGE appeal has now passed £151,000 and I don’t want him throwing a hissy fit about me on GB News again.
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The fact that you've probably never seen this complete humiliation of Kelvin Mackenzie is a mark of just how craven most of the British media is. Please watch it all the way through. He literally runs away, squealing, from his own brand of 'journalism'. redirect.invidious.io/ErqQxlbNpUg
It was unions who fought and won us a minimum wage, maternity and paternity rights, pensions, holiday and sick pay. Retweet if you support unions and their right to strike
#EnoughIsEnough #TorySewageParty #nationalise @SouthWestWater Presuming we can now withhold payment on any/all sewage charges on our water bill. You are billing us under false pretences @AnneMarieMorris when are you standing up for us???
It rained and this is how @SouthWestWater responds, by dumping sewage into the environment. In June this year the company paid shareholders a 'special dividend' of £1.5 billion. 10 days ago what they are doing was illegal. Today it's not. Wouldn't that be right @theriverstrust
ITV is happy to support this, so together will also extend the invite through official channels to both of you now for speed. The preference is live in the evening, but we understand the time pressures and are happy to work on scheduling with you to make this work.
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Dear @trussliz / @RishiSunak the cost of living crisis has left millions worried how they'll make ends meet. I'd like to formally invite you, as the new PM, to join me asap once you take office for a special hour's @itvMLshow discussion/Q&A to answer/ease people's concerns.
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Gaslighting 101 #TorySewageParty
Worth watching and learning about the issue before a small minority make vexatious claims that MPs voted to allow raw sewage discharges
The stats on this for the Newton Abbot consistency of @AnneMarieMorris on dumping of sewage by @SouthWestWater during 2021 are appalling. #TorySewageParty MPs voted to allow this to continue. #SewageScandal #TurdWorldCountry #ToryBeachTurds #ToryBritain
For those with an interest Top of the Poops (nothing to do with me), have put together a fantastic website. Simply enter the name of your local MP or constituency and it will show you the location & how much sewage was dumped into local rivers in 2021 top-of-the-poops.org
Now raw sewage is being dumped into our waterways, I will routinely be asking any patient coming in with: Eye/ear infections New skin rashes Diarrhoea/vomiting Abdominal pain Urinary tract infections +more Have you been swimming in the local river/sea recently? #SewageScandal
It would be terrible if #TorySewageParty trended at no 1 today. Thats the #TorySewageParty. And if the MP's who don't like the fact that #TorySewageParty is trending voted for dumping sewage in rivers, well thats just too bad. You created this shitshow.
Just like with Brexit, you got exactly what you voted for! You need to own that, because we see you. #TorySewageParty #SewageScandal #TurdWorldCountry
I am appalled by the latest sewage discharges into bathing waters in the local area, and Southern Water must be held to account for this threat to both public health and marine life. (1/2)
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You should never block people you claim to represent. We pay your wages - do your job! Be sure we won’t forget your actions at the next GE. #TorySewageParty #turdworldcountry #gtto
This is my MP James Cartlidge (South Suffolk) who voted to allow sewage to be pumped into rivers and the sea. He's in a canoe on the River Stour in less polluted times. He's a bit twitter shy and has blocked me, so could someone please retweet or forward it to him? Thank you.