mad as a hatter, forgetful but tries hard, intelligent but disorientated, frequently to improve confidence and self worth despite disability

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Meeting up with our daughter at the Metro Centre on Monday...don't want to miss it and it's so stange asking her about wheelchair hire...mine is burried in the garage but ATM I am struggling and its better to be safe than sorry...all my pride may have to disappear
So angry that our PCC has stated that nurses strikes are criminal..
following a recent hospital admission my father was put on the end of life pathway...he was saddened on how long it took the staff to answer a buzzer..he said "its bloody criminal those nurses never stopped and its unsafe for them and the patients". If a 80 years old man, who was
dying (and has now died), could think this way, why can't an elected PCC see why they have to strike too ?
this was reported in the echo and he may have been misquoted...I am commenting on what I read
my hair is coming out more again, hip is so painful ...and tingles in my left leg atr driving me mad
why don't health care proffessionals used joint up thinking anymore ? I was precribed codiene at A&E...they never asked if I was prone to constipation and low and behold guess what...luckly I bought Senna with the script
the thing is I knew to do this and many wouldn't ..I still didn't get the management totally right, but if I wasn't knowledgable, I would by now be in even more pain, that the codiene may not have touched
Why do people say enjoy your day when they really mean "I F****** hate you and want you just to p*** off" ?
sat in A&E today and there was a couple of people in handcuffs , each with 2 officers ...outside there were 5 police vans parked up
I have just been asked why I don't llike people refering to labour supporters as the loony left, when looney tunes are OK ?
why do Tories insult someone, tell them that thay are wrong and then tell them to "have a good day" ? seriously grates on me
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General Election now, otherwise the public need to get out on the streets and demand one. I’ll be there. Retweet if you will too #TrussResigns #ToryChaos #GeneralElection
genral election anyone ??
My mam rings me on average approx 3 times a day... she asks a question, I answer and then she says OK and hangs up...she never ever says goodbye now...I feel she just thinks "well I will see her before bed so I won't saste my breath"...I feel like we are living in a bad sit com
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The Tories have caused untold misery with their austerity policies, Brexit, and pandemic failures. Now they are just taking the piss out of the whole country with a failed puppet PM. They must be held to account by the public in a General Election
I really can't believe that my Dad is gone..we I visit I just imagine that he is pottering in his shead or greenhouse...he hated sitting about and always disappeared there...I heard a noise and found him gone and yet I still think that he is there
I wonder if all the Tories in the town will change their mind if the reds come to power...many use the terminology but don't seem to understand the issues
I let the man who owns the social club belittle me on Facebook I deleated it again...hate the Torys for being so arrogant and self serving