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Anyone else come away from the match today with no voice? Tomorrow will be fun at work if it doesn鈥檛 come back. #weonlygetshitrefs
Feels like longer to be fair 馃槄
馃檶 饾棤饾棓饾棫饾棖饾棝饾棗饾棓饾棳饾棪 饾棓饾棩饾棙 饾棔饾棓饾棖饾棡!
Haven鈥檛 been to Elland Road since the Chelsea game, can鈥檛 wait until Sunday
Watching Leeds gives you highs and lows. Watching England recently I鈥檝e finally found the cure for insomnia. How have we gone from euro final to this shite in just over a year?
Happy birthday to me, chapter 48 has commenced
C鈥檓on rhinos
That was some shite defending. Would have been a better goal if Willy would have scored it
Will we get a chorus of Dom Mateo scored a fucking great goal thru the England match?
Ok I鈥檝e been watching Queenies funeral ok but seeing her horse and corgis made me tear up a bit 馃槩
So is Kelvin injured or is this Citeh just proving they only wanted him so no one else could have him?
Nottingham Forest look set for another home defeat. Turns out signing 21 random players for a laugh isn't the best strategy after all.
Couldn鈥檛 get to the u21s game cos it clashed with my sons judo. Is there any cheeky streams cos it鈥檚 not on lutv?
Yeah premier league, I鈥檇 love to but you postponed it
Can鈥檛 beat a lazy Sunday binge watch of Cobra Kai when there鈥檚 no footy on tv
The absolute abhorrent tweets about the Queen. Twitter can be a vile place. RIP Queenie
Isn鈥檛 Yorkshire beautiful? Just been for a drive upto where my dads ashes are scattered. So peaceful up there.
Don鈥檛 usually blame one player but fucking hell Llorente today has to have a mention
Piss poor
Fucking hell, VAR and ref fucking us over here