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Love UK. Positive comments only please Twitter - as you can see I’m too fragile for negative ones :-) #immigration #india #uk @RamiRanger @Baroness_Verma @LordKPatel @Lord_Bilimoria @RtHonLordPaulPC @LordRana1 @IndiainUK @UKinIndia @UKIBC @OxIndiaCentre
I asked Henry Kissinger and AI What India Should Do About China and UK Relations As a former Council Member of Chatham House (Royal Institute for International Affairs) I wondered how Foreign Relations might be ‘wargamed’ or ‘chess boarded’ in the future…lnkd.in/e8bf8Zgt
After a 150%+ AI-Driven Stock Boost, We Turned to AI Again to Decide Our Next Move: Here's What It Said. (part of lnkd.in/dTP2tpc) Imagine this: one of your stocks has skyrocketed by 200% and you're contemplating the next move. Should you sell?…lnkd.in/eiQcadCQ
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What a historic venue! We host #BeTheChange panel discussion on Climate Change with @RoyalAirForce at the @UKHouseofLords with @alpeshbp, Syed Ahmed OBE of @energyforlondon, Dr Chamu Kuppuswamy from @UniofHerts and @Pushpan. A special thank you Lord Raj Loomba of @TheLoomba_Org.
More of an insight than I planned as I did this week's weekly stock market update on what's in my pension, ISA. As you watch it, you'll see exactly why! More about what I do and being part of it at lnkd.in/dTP2tpc #stockmarket #stocks lnkd.in/eMjJ7W-X
Always love being a tourist here. My favourite mandir too. #Kashmir #kashmirtourism @UKinIndia @IndiainUK
Never thought I'd say this, but my 5-year-old seems to have developed a slightly concerning obsession with Warren Buffet and the markets. All those hours he's spent glued to his tablet, I assumed he was perfecting his Peppa Pig dance moves. Nope. He's bee…lnkd.in/eaiZ8zJY
AI generated trading strategies with bots? Not unless you create God. Same old problem, either so much data you are omniscient, or so little data that you curve fit to get connection. But there is another way. In this video I expla…lnkd.in/e9rug3n8 lnkd.in/evuD5M7z
AI a threat to humanity needing regulation? The Industrial Revolution turns out was and is a threat to humanity - climate change. @BBCNews @tomhunt1988 our adversaries will unleash it. I'll speak about the implication for pensions and investments for @IChroniclenitter.1d4.us/i/web/status/166…
Want to connect to someone you don't know on LinkedIn? You think a personalised Inmail - yeah they're never bespoke and if they are they're not that good? Warm intro (who can be bothered). No, this is how you do it - see image! It's the age old way from…lnkd.in/eHATqwUz
This is what the AI revolution looks like. And it's happening faster than anything in tech since the internet took off in the 90s. nVidia up 27% - in a day after up 100% in YTD. It's an understatement that nVidia has done better than I expected when I pic…lnkd.in/eHZUQAmr
"described the plant as the most significant investment in UK automotive since Nissan came to Britain in the 1980s." Thanks #India #tata @IndiainUK
Another view but this one away from @FCDOGovUK towards on of the former buildings we occupied - Old Admaralty Building, now home of @biztradegovuk- with a flag (in fact hopefully at least two) many of my followers will identify with.
A view of the Foreign Office from Horse Guards this evening
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Enduring many hardships in her life, it is inspiring that she took solace and found strength in her dharmic faith - as so many faiths provide for their followers - #buddhist #tinaturner America despite not being a perfect union produced a woman who roared. She doubtless inspires… nitter.1d4.us/i/web/status/166…
I've just posted to my 150k TikTok followers lnkd.in/euqBAA5 to meet me at the Future of Private Investing. This could get interesting! Am going to update on my ChatGPT vs Hedge Fund Manager vs Retail Manager experiment in stock picking - who's…lnkd.in/e8YraAxk
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Delegates from #G20 nations perform Yoga at the Lalit Grand Palace Hotel in Srinagar #Kashmir. Incredible India experience! 🇮🇳⛰️
Networking on LinkedIn is good, and like most of you, 1-2-1 in person meetings are difficult. This is how I make the most of 'blended meetings' and be productive at the same time. Works really well. #networking lnkd.in/ePn7GG8p
Astonishing! Forget 'green-washing' it's spending in the name of climate with nothing directly to do with climate. Talk about 'spin'. I am hosting an event at the House of Lords on Climate Change on Friday where I will share the as…lnkd.in/eMjMh4iX lnkd.in/emznubDf