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Still no Rashford LOOOOOOL
DDG, Maguire, Bruno, Shaw, CR. BIN (I have excluded McTom for this one simply because he doesn’t seem problematic, he’s just fxcking shit)
It's a problem when we have a our best defender riding bench because of him. Maguire is not good enough and we should be playing our best team
Can anyone tell me what’s he done wrong in the two games? Absolutely nothing. It’s just goldbridge brainwashing the fan base as usual to divert the blame from his dear De Gea.
It's a season award
Neymar’s 2022 Statistics: Top 10 in goals, assists & goal contributions.
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Am I shocked? Absolutely not. The most shocking thing uis that he's disappointed we have to call him "an all time great" when even his biggest haters haven't stooped to that level.
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Who should Pair Lisandro Martinez as Manchester United Starting Center Back? Retweet 🔁 Raphael Varane Like For ♥️ For Harry Maguire #MUFC #mulive #ManchesterUnited
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(🌕) JUST IN: PSG have sounded out a French centre-back, should Milan Skriniar route fail. @SaberDesfa 🧐🇫🇷
He played more on the left last season if you were actually watching football games instead of tweeting to get likes 👍
If United grab Gakpo that means Sancho RW which means another ass season for him
Say you haven't watched Morara without saying it
Nobody > Morata > Arnautovic
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They say this shit every week do they jot get tired?????
I rate Shaw but he was so embarrassing yesterday
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You will be on the same wavelength if you sat on the bench and watched Varane and Martinez...
Harry Maguire: "Me and Licha [Martínez] have not played much together and were not on the same wavelength at times. I am sure we will get better and keep clean sheets." #mulive [@ShamoonHafez]
We have no striker 😂😂😂😂😂
He exiled his homie and doing up this 😭😭😭😭
Replying to @shaunypizzle
love it 🚀
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I would have joined in - with the Atleti players
Them man stood there and let McTom get drapsed 😖
always looking for new cast members to be on SDS.. fans of different clubs wanted for this season too so reply with some people you’d want to see on the pod!
DE JONG CLOSE TO UNITED MOVE! Transfer update has gone live! What players should United sign ? Please check out the video and RT to share!
This clown has ascension as his background picture 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
🚨🥇| Jorge Mendes is in talks with Manchester United for Asensio. @tgm46
I worry for this mans health no cap
We are not finishing top 4 if De Gea or Ronaldo play more than 28 league games
JESSE LINGARD LEAVES MANCHESTER UNITED! A overdue departure in my opinion should have gone last summer! Let me know what you think Jesse time at Manchester United has been out of 10? Please also check out the video and RT to share