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Whenever United lose its “the club is rotten” whenever they win it’s “ten hag rashy and fidget spinner are the best in their position”
What can you say? The club is rotten. These players didn't even bother to turn up on a Derby. Needs tearing down and starting again
You’re telling everyone
All parties involved in Christoper Nkunku deal wanted to keep Chelsea medical secret, but it really took place few weeks ago. 🔵 #CFC Not done yet, as Chelsea & Leipzig will discuss about fee/payment terms. Plan B: triggering €60m clause in 2023. More:
Chelsea didn’t want him and now lizz truss doesn’t 😭
Thomas Tuchel has been left in post-Brexit visa limbo over his ability to remain in the United Kingdom according to reports 📰
You’re flight from Beijing must’ve been expensive also, have a good day trip👍🏻
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R.I.P the queen as a human, but fuck the government and the royal family 👍🏻
“You’re sick if you enjoyed tuchel getting the sack” Me
Bro purchased 6 shirts but won’t wear them till the owners are gone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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A dish of what?
Btw thanks for going through my bio and profile to make a remark on my nationality showed your helplessness Would've been happy if you had made a comment on footballing aspect but anyways Agendas will always prevail
No one wanted him you big ear twat
Cristiano Ronaldo is the definition of loyalty. 🐐👏
Yes and since then he’s been shit he is not what we need atall!
Lionel Messi in 2018: "Arthur surprised me. He really reminds me of Xavi's style."
There’s two Anthony’s at Manchester United now. And both are not very good