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Likely the same person behind the. @deckleston account etc #WAFC cc @tom_coulston @LukeDerbs15
Seem to have loads of #BWFC fans in my mentions. The term rent free comes to mind. Wigan own Bolton, simple as. #WAFC
Oh look, it鈥檚 that #PNEFC fan who was behind those fake Latics fan accounts that time, back with yet another fake account 馃ケ #WAFC #BWFC cc @tom_coulston @LukeDerbs15
Just drove past that shed in Wigan What do they call it? DW stadium? Just looked like a shite unibol #bwfc #wafc
Fake #wafc fan account commenting on his own fake journalist account
#wafc suppose this guy is still a troll ay. we have a laughable fan base. Knew it when he predicted Kieffer to come #wafc
Smells like a new trolling account from the PNE guy? #WAFC
Is Sam Morsy a genuine #wafc legend? Interesting viewpoint