It's time for all working people to come together, show solidarity and demand a fair deal. @RMTunion represents its own members, but this is part of a wider campaign from trade unions to get honest, working people what they rightly deserve. #SupportRailWorkers #RailStrikes
We want a good deal for all workers #SupportRailWorkers #RailStrikes

Jul 26, 2022 · 2:33 PM UTC · Twitter for Android

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Yes let's not forget the 60k drivers on annual incremental pay rises and final salary pensions all paid for by the tax payer who are chasing double figure % increases. RMT talk a game .. What about the minimum wage workers ?
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Striking rail employees are stopping workers in other sectors getting to work. Strikes rarely achieve positive outcomes and affect the incomes of other workers in a time of national economic downturn How about supporting other workers by going back to work & finding a better way