Joined February 2022
My band at college was The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphopresy.
I'll be walking around with a hat on saying 2' 6" in a minute! #Lutterworth
Seeing as the poor bloke is laid up (fingers crossed) Grimus is a short novel full of character. #GetWellSoonSirSalman
Sad news about Sir Salman - they're beautiful books. #GetWellSoonSirSalman
Did you hear about the Australian drummer? Got six month's for beating,
Well, I worked in Italy and if you think they'll be any easier to deal with after Brexit think again! #CiantiClassico #Remain
What I want to know is did they; or did THEY NOT bury Stephen Hawking in his wheelchair?
Well that’s forty five minutes I’ve been holding on for the Police; I bet if I was eighteen with big hips they might get off their backsides.
Film title of the day: Brawl In Cell Block 99. #Channel4
Know it’s a bit of a cliche but it’s a ‘good knock’ from Scott Mills on Radio One - pioneered some good music. #ScottMills #RemiNicole
Just checking out When The Wind Blows after the great man passed - too much, now. #WhenTheWindBlows #GetTheBeersIn
Can’t believe I’m watching Daytime Television on renovating houses. #HomesUnderTheHammer
Goodbye Raymond Briggs; adored When The Wind Blows. #RIPRaymondBriggs
Sad to see Dame Olivia Newton-John’s died…never a fan of Grease but loved Physical and Xanadu. #RIPOliviaNewtonJohn
Martha Carney sounded a bit peturbed by the Nurses coming out. #r4today
Nice to hear Sally Beamish on The World Service - anything except Radio5Live. #SallyBeamish
Loved Musical Youth in The Commonwealth Games closing ceremony - always wondered what the song was about and now I know! #TheCommonwealthGames #PonMySoul
Absolutely great to be free from the mowing this year: don’t mind it but there’s other things I could be doing. #HeatwaveTwentyTwentyTwo
I think The Village Idiots are playing tonight...#Lutterworth
GOD: I have given you Ten Commandments... MOSES: Couldn't you use paper like everybody else?