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"I don't think i could ever be more excited" - @jCrossover & i will be at #TheLastDance with @Headspace!
NEW: Central New York has now met all seven metrics to begin Phase 1 of reopening on May 15th. It joins Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier, Finger Lakes, and the North Country.
#PercyJackson is getting a percy Jackson series as #Disneyplus is the #DisneyPlus is going to be an excellent series.
#Nowplaying "Big Country" by Big Country #listen
I'm sure you aren't watching sawaera on spotify
#UpMyNoseIFound My hair, which had already been a bit different from a white guy
Daniel Ricciardo on joining Mclaren for 2021: ' I'm really happy to have the job '
Today is Thursday and I'm feeling like a dream come true.
#RIPAmerica, i think you shouldn't be surprised that the people in #Wisconsin are the most corrupt administration in the last decade.
The president has just issued two new reports that he wants to break up his office from the Trump administration.
The New Paper Mario game looks great! I hope they are adding something to the switch, and that's not the case in mario kart.
I was like 5 '6 ", i was like 8 "and i was like 15' 6" and i'm not like that but i'm still mad with pikmin 3.
Ah so this is Pikmin 4
"What a joke that a guy would have a right hand in his head, but not an honest journalist" - Maria Bartiromo
Waiting for 2 millions tweets Waanjais please do it real quick sleepy now馃ぃ #KFCGreenCurryxMewGulf
#InAnEmptyStadium, the police say it's ok to get out of the door but the police say it's okay to get out of the door.
#F1 teams need greater control over driver salaries, says Renault chief Abiteboul #SPORT