RM 🤍🤍🤍 zizou is the goat.

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Rm fans be ready man the slump is about to happen it will probably take very very long time to get back on top. The players with miracles are already leaving. It was fun while it lasted.
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I'm not even joking when I say Mbappe could play for a million years and he would not TOUCH Messi or Ronaldo.
I don’t think the Mbappé disrespect is because of his supposed “arrogance”. For all these years, Messi fans knew Ronaldo wasn’t good enough. For the first time in their lives, they’re seeing a player that has what it takes to be a legitimate threat to Messi.
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The board learning the hard way When haaland was available for 70m but they said oh noo we have balandor benzi n lord Mariano 😭😭😭😭 they didn't even give this guy a backup 9 fk them.
🚨🎖️| Real Madrid did not expect Benzema to leave, his departure would change their summer plans. @MatteMoretto
Same as fat women😭 like hey yo hippopotamus stay the fuck back
Nothing pisses me off like insecure short men, grow up!
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Shit source
🚨💣 Real Madrid believe the BEST options to replace Benzema will be Kylian Mbappé or Erling Haaland, who could be available in 2024 or 2025. That's why they're not planning to spend big money on a striker this summer. @Ramon_AlvarezMM #rmalive
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Karim Benzema in 2011: "Are you going to succeed in Madrid?" - "Yes, of course." "We are starting to have some doubts..." - "You have doubts? I don't have any doubts."
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It has happened back in the history n we are just going back in the time doing all the evil other nations did before the last day.
Wokeness destroys the mind, body, and soul
Reactionary glory hunting fans.
we'll shut all these pathetic clowns in the replies and quotes next season...reactionary glory hunting fans.
Holy fk 😳 so it's actually over 😨
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🚨💥 Leo #Messi is about to become a new #AlHilal player. 🤝 Personal terms ($500m/y) and fee for his father-agent agreed, confirmed. ✍️ Just signature on the contract is missing, expected at the end of Ligue1. ⏳ The arrival of the 🇦🇷 in 🇸🇦 seems to be a matter of time.🐓⚽
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This is like a FIFA game ! 3 and off #next #HalaMadrid
Rare w
My opinion: The media have brainwashed Madrid fans into thinking that Haaland/Mbappe desperately want to play for us. Yes, they obviously like the idea of playing at our club, like most players, but that doesn't mean that they'll leave their club for us no matter what.
He might be him
If at Madrid Nico Paz is 'blessed' by Kroos, in Argentina it was Messi who was pleasantly surprised by the player's talent during a training session. @marca
Bad news after bad news
He has almost became a mid-Fielder, but pessi fans told me he was always a mid-Fielder 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
‼️ Xavi to SPORT: “No doubt Messi can still help us. He can play in several positions - false 9, extreme, interior, & so on. He’s almost become a midfielder. Maybe he’s lost little explosiveness, but we saw his World Cup - he still has years ahead of him” #Transfers 🇦🇷🚨
Make your decision asap buddy we have to sign somebody then man or we are fucked
🚨🎖️| BREAKING: The news that Karim Benzema is really considering the offer from Saudi Arabia is TRUE. @MatteMoretto tells @MadridXtra
❗️Karim Benzema is closer to leaving Real Madrid than staying but the decision is still not fully taken yet. — @jfelixdiaz via @RM4Arab
Fool got cooked so bad damn
😳 Vaya entrada sobre Alex Balde. En un partido donde no se juegan nada. Que poco compañerismo
Can't wait for mbappe extension till 2030
we’re here for another 5 yrs
Werdogan knows
🚨 BREAKING: Erdoğan has WON Turkey’s presidential election. All Cristiano Ronaldo fans are destined for greatness 😎