This is of course totally false and libelous. I advocated no such thing. Looking forward to talking about all of this on my show tomorrow. Anyone interested in the actual facts is welcome to tune in.
.@scottwalker is gushing over bringing @MattWalshBlog to his college students' grooming festival. In 2011, Matt Walsh "advocate[d] for the impregnation of girls as young as 16 because it's 'technically when they're at their most fertile.'"…
Replying to @MattWalshBlog
"Why don't you take a seat, Matthew. So let me get this straight. You started chatting with 'Chrissie', who told you there was a kid's drag show near her house. You drive seven hours to help her 'protest against it'. So why are there a couple of White Claw in your bag?"

Oct 6, 2022 Β· 9:46 AM UTC