👏 Amazing Tom! We’ll take rain check on lunch today and instead get you up to Ewood real soon! 🔵⚪️ Love the #poemaday2022 challenge - you’re smashing it! Erm…I can’t be alone in thinking a poem about a dappled-skin dragon who forgot how to breathe fire should on the list! 😉
Props to Enheduanna, the O.G. of poetry. Also, it's National 'Take A Poet To Lunch Day'. Any Takers? 📜✍️ Welcome to #day6 of my #poemaday2022 challenge 🤟 Feel welcome to join me or comment ideas for tomorrow's poem! #poetry #poem #tomfoolery #enheduanna #takeapoettolunchday

Jan 6, 2022 · 6:17 PM UTC