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On a universal scale, paper is much much much more valuable and rarer than diamond.
Goal of the season.
Might stick a tenner on Gibraltar coming back.
Are Liverpool going Toulouse?
A VAR decision in our favour?? Guess I’m waking up soon.
Suprised fulham didn’t get a penalty for this.
Before walking down the tunnel at half time, Garnacho gives his shirt to a young Fulham fan 🤔
Abu Dhabi Sport 1 have their very own Gary Neville doing the punditry on Saturday football. 🤣
Remember, tough times never last. Only tough people last. We will overcome this rough patch with a lot less plastic fans. #MUFC
This must be how Liverpool and arsenal fans felt for 20 years.
IQ test Nobody can get this!
Congratulations to India, I can’t wait to see what we discover!
Finally History Made 🔥 #Chandrayaan3 #VikramLander lands successfully on the moon's surface. India is the First Country to Land in Moon's south Pole. Proud to be Indian and Proud moment to All Indians 🇮🇳 #IndiaOnTheMoon How It's Started VS How It's Going Now
How much did we pay the officials for that? 😂
Passed my grade 6 piano exam today 👌🍺
Boötes void, an estimated 330 million light-year diameter void in space.
A Higgs boson walks into a church, "We don't allow Higgs bosons in here!" shouts the priest. "But without me, how can you have mass?" asks the particle.
Wait who did Liverpool play today? 4-4?? 😂
They really tried to include Aaron ramsdale in their premier league top goalkeepers. He’s not even better than Tom! 😂
It’s amazing people like this exist. I miss natural selection in the human race.
Yeah keep drinking the Kool Aide you brainwashed idiot , probably a young kid that actually believes in the Bullshit they control your mind with every day!! Whatever , you’re part of the problem . Guess you believe Nixon spoke the astronauts from a land line in Washington!!😂😂😂