@Lupusreference hello! Your posts are always thought provoking! This one made me wonder if there’s a study you know of that quantifies avg hours of lupus fatigue per week? (Or similar.) I’m bedridden a bit almost every day but most lit makes it sound like an occasional symptom.💜
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That's an interesting question! #Fatigue is a very multifactorial experience and its attribution specifically to #Lupus is always complicated. I have not seen studies expressing fatigue in terms of hours per week. Typically it's more presence and/or severity over past week.

May 28, 2022 · 5:59 AM UTC

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Ah. Understood! The studies you mention would still be really useful! I think it’s easy to feel like we are “failing” at lupus when it seems like our symptoms are worse than what’s in the public lit. Thanks for the reply.