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Did you know that Bill Gates' primary residence in Seattle boasts 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a 60-foot pool with an underwater music system, a 2,500-square-foot gym, a 1,000-square-foot dining room, six kitchens, and a trampoline room with a 20-foot ceiling? And let's not forget the 2,100-square-foot library, a home theater that seats up to 20 guests, and a massive 300-square-foot reception hall with room for 200 guests. And there's also a spacious guesthouse, a garage that fits 23 cars, and an artificial stream stocked with fish. Depending on the source, its value is estimated at $127 to $170 million. But wait, there's more! Gates also owns homes in Del Mar, California at sea level ($43 million), Indian Wells, California ($12.5 million), Wellington, Florida ($8.7 million), and a ranch in Wyoming ($8.9 million). A fun little tidbit about his Florida property: In 2016, he paid $13.5 million for the neighboring house. Rumor has it he's also bought four other properties on the same street, making him the sole resident of the entire block. In addition, Bill Gates has ironically splurged $650 million on 'Aqua', a luxurious super yacht. This extravagant purchase, complete with lavish amenities, starkly contrasts his public stance on environmental conservation. Gates' Aqua, a symbol of opulence, raises questions about the sincerity behind his environmental advocacy. And the hypocrisy does not stop there. Just as Gates allegedly advocates for the environment while doing the exact opposite, he has behaved in a 'supposedly selfless' manner during the alleged global health crisis of the past four years. For instance, in September 2019, he invested $55 million in BioNTech, a company then only recording losses, coincidentally months before the outbreak of an alleged pandemic. This vaccine, produced by BioNTech and Pfizer, would reduce transmissions and deaths, Bill claimed, only to sell 86% of his cheaply acquired shares two years later for hundreds of millions of dollars. 'Purely by chance,' Gates had also previously invested in Moderna. By his own admission, he turned 1 billion dollars in health industry investments into 20 billion. Trusting someone who funds the WHO more than entire nations, predicts a viral pandemic, and then profits from it, is like believing a firefighter who predicts every single fire. Often, such people are more the cause of problems than the solutions. Coming back to his real estates and his luxury yacht: Isn't it ironic that one of the main proponents of reducing our carbon footprint lives like this? With such an expansive estate and luxurious lifestyle, we can't help but wonder how much his own carbon footprint is ballooning. If the people who are urging us to reduce our carbon footprints are living lives of excess, how can we trust their motivations and the validity of their claims about man-made climate change? Cheers, Dr. Simon P.S. Oh yes, and let's not forget the curious case of chiIdp0rn discovered on his private property in 2014, where it seems one of his employees might have conveniently been the fall guy. Plus, his 37 visits to Epstein Island? Purely coincidental, of course - much like his investments right before the pandemic. P.P.S. Bill Gates has also bought up 110,000 hectares of farmland while pushing for soy products and fake meat, which really makes you wonder why.
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THE GREAT AWAKENING The film that assembles forbidden puzzle pieces to reveal the big picture of what's really happening in America and beyond.
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It's great that people are waking up to the point where they vote for fake rebels telling them what they want to hear - Milei, Wilders, Trump. It is highly encouraging that they WANT to hear it. The next stage is to realise that we don't need fake heroes or any heroes. We need to stop cooperating with the control system on a scale that it cannot survive. No fake political saviours required. 8 billion v a relative handful should be a no-contest. The fact that it isn't yet shows that more waking up to reality is required that doesn't include heroes and saviours, but realises where the power has been all along. With us.
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Do ever wonder why one of the most powerful sectors of the global economy #BigPharma choses not to respond to widespread allegations that their #Covidjab was unsafe, unreliable and cause millions of #vaccineinjuries That thy have not sued anyone for #defamation Because they have to disclose all information on how they arrived at this brutal lockdown and their fake vaccine. They have bring their CEOS and scientists to testify. We will bring the many cases of injury and death that is now mounting. And they have to open all their books, emails and disclose everything. And they will have to face the questioning of many of the most eminent physicians in the world. They are terrified of this. They will use the governments they own and the medical regulators they have compromised to do their dirty work. These pharmaceutical companies have paid billions of US$ already in fines for their disastrous side effects in the past. They have been fingered in the explosive opioid crisis affecting the US and now threatening the whole world. They have used Africa as a testing ground for many of their toxic drugs. I’m fact they are the world largest drug cartel. We can analyse how we allowed this this takeover of our health and well-being that now has compromised so many of our governments, the #WHO, the medical profession, the mainstream media, our universities though their slush funding. It’s pure #greed #powergrab driven by #BigFoundations of the #billionaireclass , the naked emperors of the #WEF to install a #NewWorldOrder that will be the tyranny of technocrats and billionaires with a #GodComplex. So what don’t they sue some of the most eminent physicians and thinkers across the world for #defamation such as @MartinKulldorff @DrJBhattacharya @DrAseemMalhotra our very own @NickHudsonCT @NathiMdladla2 @ProfTimNoakes @ShankaraChetty They are terrified that the immunity given to them by our foolish governments, the fact that we have a #WHO, #medicalprofession and #mainstreammedia and #medicalregulators that #BigPharma has mostly captured is still not enough. They needed to batter the global population first through their campaign of fear, shame and guilt. And they failed inspite of the billions they spent. We have not been defeated. We are not afraid. We will resist any future plans they have to lockdown our world. Let us unite around #truthandcourage to show these anti-human elites we will defy their imposition of their tyrannical #NewWorldOrder. So here. Sue me for this OpEd I wrote biznews.com/health/2023/05/0… #NoRetreatNoSurrender. 🙏🏾💚💜❤️
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Another “conspiracy” comes true. Drip, drip.
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Great thread! The crux is there's almost nothing patentable that improves innate & mucosal immunity. Sunshine, exercise, fat soluble vitamins, hydration, Zn, Se, stress management. All either ignored, discouraged or demonised during the public health failures of the last 3 years.
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A lot of people ask me about when I woke up and became FULLY Red Pilled to the sheer volume of Medical Establishment corruption and buffoonery? 2020 was like a bad dream of foolishness, but I’d give the Answer: 2021, when I witnessed: 1. Big Pharma Shill Doctors and Institutions, willing to Die on The Hill of saying that someone with high antibody levels from prior mild infection needs to be vaccinated ASAP with a novel *vaccine* 2. When I saw top *scientific* institutions rush to change longstanding medical definitions, to suit their narrative 3. Seeing Doctors and Medical Centers deliberately gloss over serious side effects and adverse events— and knowingly shame, silence and censor those poor people that suffered. But today in 2023, this Doctor couldn’t be happier to be wide awake: - Our *Top Institutions* are a complete joke - *Evidence Based Medicine* is a complete joke - The *Hippocratic Oath* is a complete joke The FIGHTBACK against these sinister forces that have corrupted Medicine will be long, hard, and difficult. But Fight We Must.
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Empty room at European Parliament greets revelations about fake ‘Covid’ vaccines including the fact that they were never meant to stop 'transmission' and so ‘get vaccinated to protect others’ was always a blatant and calculated lie. Andrew Bridgen gets the same treatment in the UK Parliament. They have no shame. davidicke.com/2023/11/22/emp…
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Had so many conversations this last 2-3 months with doctors and nurses that have had a change of heart and regret taking and giving the gene 💉! Their main reason for not speaking out and joining those brave enough to have risked their careers to raise safety concerns is in fact the genuine FEAR of the emotional trauma/torture and repercussion’s of what their regulator GMC and NHS England would do to them in response. The abhorrent treatment I have experienced the last 12 months is in direct support of this valid fear. Back in the old days pre-2020 whistleblowing was promoted and seen as a no blame learning culture!! They have ‘freedom to speak up’ guardians across the NHS on top draw salaries! How have we got to this from our regulators of PATIENT SAFETY putting the fear of God into those raising concerns!! Not fit for purpose! Freedom to speak up unless you do and then your finished! Whistleblowing encouragement until you do and then you are cancelled/blacklisted…….shameful. Primum non nocere!!!!
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Did you know a company called Epicyte made an anti-fertility corn that creates anti-sperm antibodies back in 2001 with the expressed intent of one day "saving the world from overpopulation"? The initial idea and foundational research came from work done by the WHO on immunological contraceptive technologies that were being studied with the use vaccines in the 90s, after discovering a woman with a rare autoimmune condition which made her infertile. So they isolated that specific gene and engineered it into corn, to then be fed to human beings to make them infertile. Can you guess which corporations were responsible for funding this research and investing in Epicyte? Johnson & Johnson, Dow Chemical Co, Syngenta, and a member of the Merck KGaA group called Biovation. Here are some quotes from the article on it's $16m investments after the 4th funding round. This is a bioweapons technology that is very similar to what we've been hearing Bill Gates has been funding with engineering mRNA and COVID antibodies into plants. >"Epicyte's Plantibodies technology can be used to produce unlimited quantities of pharmaceutical-grade human antibodies and related molecules in plants, the company said. Current antibody production has limited capacity and is an expensive process, with costs to scale-up the manufacture of antibodies approaching $400 million per facility, it said. Epicyte said its Plantibodies technology turns agricultural plants into antibody factories, enabling the production of antibodies and related molecules at prices considerably lower than traditional animal cell culture-based systems, while also significantly reducing manufacturing capital requirements." This is why you have to be so diligent and careful with the food you buy and where it comes from. These GMO foods are so dangerous and and certainly not safe like the government has been repeating ever since this technology was allowed into the food supply. Bt toxin engineering is another huge overlooked problem that is contributing greatly to the epidemic of gut problems in America, which leads to so many downstream negative health effects purely through gut permeability and dysbiosis. Try to get as much of your food as possible from a local farmer that is growing food and raising animals as nature intended, or ensure you are doing thorough research on the brands you are buying at any large store like Walmart, Wholefoods, etc. So many modern fruits and vegetable are genetically modified and most don't know it. The corn/grains cows are eating are impactful on the quality of the meat as well, so you also need to find out what your food is eating too.
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The conspiracy theories just keep coming true
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Professor of Oncology at St George's Hospital Medical School, London: "At the end of last year I reported that I was seeing melanoma patients who had been stable for years relapse after their first booster (their third injection). I was told it was merely a coincidence and to keep quiet about it, but it became impossible to do so. The number of my patients affected has been rising ever since. I saw two more cases of cancer relapse post booster vaccination in my patients just this last week. Other oncologists have contacted me from all over the world including from Australia and the US. The consensus is that it is no longer confined to melanoma but that increased incidence of lymphomas, leukaemias and kidney cancers is being seen after booster injections. Additionally my colorectal cancer colleagues report an epidemic of explosive cancers (those presenting with multiple metastatic spread in the liver and elsewhere). All these cancers are occurring (with very few exceptions) in patients who have been forced to have a Covid booster whether they were keen or not, for many so they could travel.  So why are these cancers occurring?  T cell suppression was my first likely explanation given that immunotherapy is so effective in these cancers. However we must also now consider DNA plasmid and SV40 integration in promoting cancer development, a feature made even more concerning by reports that mRNA spike protein binds p53 and other cancer suppressor genes. It is very clear and very frightening that these vaccines have several elements to cause a perfect storm in cancer development in those patients lucky enough to have avoided heart attacks, clots, strokes, autoimmune diseases and other common adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines. To advise booster vaccines, as is the current case, is no more and no less than medical incompetence; to continue to do so with the above information is medical negligence which can carry a custodial sentence. No ifs or buts any longer. All mRNA vaccines must be halted and banned now." Angus Dalgleish
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TikTok have removed this clip of @ABridgen ‘s speech on #ExcessDeaths due to a violation in community standards. ⬇️ Share it while you can ! @LozzaFox | @thereclaimparty | @tiktok_uk
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The possibilities for abuse are only limited by imagination.
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Pfizer employees were given a *special batch*… different from what was forced into the general population
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3 Questions to ask yourself What is HAARP? What are Geophysical Weapons? What is an Ionospheric Alfven Resonator? Google US2550324A
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When I talk about the “vaccines” being gene therapy delivered via transfection I do so out of an abundance of first hand experience. Much of my career has been spent engineering cells which usually requires manipulation of DNA followed by transfection. This is why I saw so clearly what the “vaccines” were once I started looking into them. It’s one thing to read about this stuff but to have actually done it is another thing altogether. I cringe every time I think about it. While I understood the idea behind gene therapy, I would have never thought it could have been deployed on such a massive scale. Especially when you look at the clinical track record for most of the gene therapies that have been tested. I’ll give you a hint… It’s really not good. Never have been and probably never will be. But clearly some thought they could change all that. They just needed a catalyst, a conflict that would be sufficient to convince a big enough population of people that taking it was in their best interests. Enter Covid. And now billions have been injected and transfected. The effects will continue to be seen and felt for decades to come. As a scientist, I am truly sorry that science has been led so far astray. It’s all to easy to see how seemingly innocuous lab techniques could be taken to nefarious ends but it should have never come to this. I am truly ashamed when I now look upon the profession that I once loved and had so much hope for. And I promise to do everything I can to keep speaking out and bringing awareness to this and much more. Let us never give up hope even in these dark days.
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Let’s connect a few dots… First, what is gene therapy? Right from the horses, er government’s mouth: “Gene therapy is a technique that uses a gene(s) to treat, prevent or cure a disease or medical disorder. Often, gene therapy works by adding new copies of a gene that is broken, or by replacing a defective or missing gene in a patient’s cells with a healthy version of that gene.” (1) Note that one application here is the use of genes to prevent a disease. Sound familiar? Another way in which gene therapy is referred to is “therapeutic genome editing”. You ok with that? By the way you are going to want to familiarize yourself with CRISPR too. More on that later. Moving on… Let’s talk delivery because this is where the rubber meets the road, and I think some things will start to become very clear to you. The main routes of delivery of gene therapies are viral vector (lentiviral and adenoviral) and lipid nanoparticle. Remember that transfections are methods to deliver genetic material into cells. Two of the main methods of transfection are chemical (lipid-based) and viral. So, these are really just transfections. Up until recently, gene therapy was an area that existed predominantly in research laboratories, and its application was very much experimental. That all changed in 2020 with Covid! Now let’s look at the Covid “vaccines”. The modified mRNA “vaccines” are genes that are supposedly being delivered to prevent a disease. But the same can be said for the J&J and AstraZeneca “vaccines” too. All of these use transfection based delivery methods, not just the mRNA ones. Let’s put it together… Based on the above understanding of gene therapy we can confirm that the Covid “vaccines” are: 1. Transfections and 2. Gene therapies Why is this important? Because all “vaccines” and really all drugs are being moved to these gene therapy platforms. Just look at where money is currently being invested in the biotech industry and that will tell you the direction things are heading. This is the sort of information that will allow us to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Verify what I’m saying and dig deeper. I’m going to keep repeating it… You are your own last line of defense.
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"About 50 million more people in Africa fell into extreme poverty as a result of Covid". Incorrect. Demographics meant Africans were less affected than many by Covid. They fell into extreme poverty *because of the measures taken to suppress Covid*. UN peddling disinformation.
"The world is not the same after the COVID-19 pandemic"
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To awaken has nothing to do with discovering the lies of this world. To awaken is to purify your space of consciousness. To gain clarity. To settle into the joy of existence, free from parasitic thoughts and emotions. And to be energetically limitless. Pure Love. Potent presence.